New Budapest Metro receives rave reviews

The first stage of a metro line in Budapest, which opened two weeks ago, has received rave reviews from local residents and holidaymakers in the city.

The M4 as the metro line is known has been under construction since 2004 and connects Kelenföld station in Buda with the Keleti railway station on the Pest side of the Danube River.

The creation of the line means that holidaymakers on splendid river cruises to travel to different parts of Budapest, but a project summary recently revealed that the Hungarian capital ideally needs a metro network that is two or three times its current size.

The new metros are just over 80 metres long, have 15 carriages and can carry approximately 810 passengers, including 164 seated.

The metro travels over 40 miles per hour and the city’s council have stated that the creation of the metro will help reduce the traffic problems that sometimes occur in the city centre of Budapest.

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