New South Wales city added to National Heritage List

Boasting a rich and colourful history, Broken Hill will now join other Australian icons such as Bondi Beach, Kakadu National Park, the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Harbour Bridge, some of which can be visited by those on luxury escorted tours of Australia.

Now declared a national treasure, the city has been recognised for its outstanding heritage significance to Australia as the birthplace of the world’s largest mining company, Broken Hill Propriety (BHP). Dating back 130 years, the company has contributed to a number of technical developments, as well as early innovation of environmental regeneration. The mining city is also home to the world’s richest deposit of silver, lead and zinc, which has ultimately led to the success of BHP.

A huge boost for Broken Hill

The recent attribution is hoped to encourage more tourists from both Australia and overseas to the area, with funding now being provided for the city, which will help to create local jobs and improve the local economy. In a statement, Broken Hill Mayor, Wincen Cuy, described how the announcement was a major win for the city, and that he couldn’t wait to show off Broken Hill’s greatest asset, “which is our people”.

The 18,500 residents of Broken Hill have been campaigning for the city to become a listed heritage site for almost 10 years, and only found out in 2009 that the criteria had been met to be considered. Only one of the criteria needs to be met to appear on the National Heritage List and, to put that in perspective, Broken Hill met eight out of the possible nine. This included the district’s unique rock formation, the ore seam, which was recognised as a significant natural formation.

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