New waterfront planned for Sydney

Plans are being discussed for a new waterfront in downtown Sydney that could see a new marine terminal, more residential spaces and a beach being built.

The Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) held a meeting this week with musicians, seniors and hoteliers about plans for downtown Sydney’s waterfront and, in particular, having a number of designated areas by the waterfront that would see musicians perform for visitors.

The proposal is expected to increase the number of travellers on special Australia tours to the area, but five years ago the same plans had to be pulled by the CBRM after receiving complaints from local seniors.

Council vote in April

Following this week’s meeting it has now been announced that plans to redevelop the waterfront in downtown Sydney will be put forward for a vote by the council on April 15th.

Councillor Eldon MacDonald, told a local media outlet, “We’ve basically worked out some agreeable rules and standards that we think we can live with.

“We’re very, very close to having that happen.”

The aim is for the project and redevelopment to be discussed and for work to potentially begin during the next Australian summer, which is around Christmas time in the UK. This week’s public meeting discussed details of the report and gave attendees an insight into how the project will benefit local businesses in the short and long-term.

The existing boardwalk on the waterfront in downtown Sydney is currently undergoing works to extend it. The work is ongoing and the aim is for the boardwalk to connect the main section with the cruise ship terminal.

Ekistics Planning and Design of Halifax are currently undertaking a study for the project and are in charge of coming up with a 25-year vision to build new properties on the waterfront and to improve the businesses in the area. The study that Ekistics Planning and Design of Halifax are currently looking at is believed to cost around $60,000 Australian.

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