Paris mayor calls for limit on cars in city centre

This would mean that in all four central districts, apart from bikes, taxis and buses, the only cars allowed in the areas would be emergency vehicles, delivery vehicles and the cars of residents. It could also be extended further in certain areas, such as the Champs-Elysees, which the mayor would like to only allow ‘clean vehicles’ to access in an experimental measure.

Initially, this would only be the case on weekends, but could be rolled out during the rest of the week in short succession. This would help to alleviate the strain on the city centre, which gets extremely busy due to the high population density and large number of tourists visiting throughout the year, including those on France river cruises in Paris. 

Diesel cars to be banned from Paris by 2020

This can lead to periodic pollution spikes, which can sometimes see temporary speed limits and vehicle bans temporarily put in place anyway. Currently more than 60 per cent of Parisians own their own vehicle, which is a significant growth of 20 per cent since 2011. France also has the highest number of diesel cars on the road in Europe.

During an interview with the Journal du Dimanche weekly, Anne Hidalgo also announced plans of an electric-powered bike system, which would be similar to the current Vélib' self-service bike hire scheme in the French capital. This would complement the plans for the doubling of the city’s bike lanes, which are part of the €100million bike development plan.

The changes would mean that those visiting would then be able to enjoy a more pleasant city experience, with easier opportunities to explore Paris from a bicycle, providing an easy way to get around while also remaining active.

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