Population in Melbourne to nearly double by 2051

The study by Plan Melbourne, which is a programme set up by the state government, said that as of this year 4.25 million people live in the metropolitan area of Melbourne, but this will soar to 7.7 million people by 2051.

Melbourne currently has the second largest population in Australia, but over the next four decades, the Plan Melbourne research found that it could well surpass Sydney as the country’s most populous city.

Australia’s population set to also rise

As well as Melbourne’s population rising, findings from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) have revealed that the population of Australia will also rise to over 40 million by 2061, which is a large increase on the country’s current population of 23.5 million.

The news that Melbourne’s population will rise has been anticipated by the Victoria Government, but the estimated 7.7 million people that could live in the city is way above previous estimations. It, perhaps, should not have come as a huge surprise as thousands of people visit Melbourne during boundless Australia tours.

The main reason behind the population rise in Melbourne, according to the Plan Melbourne research, is not from people moving to live in the city from other countries, but instead is driven by interstate migration.

Victoria's Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, said, "We are actually now seeing thousands of people coming from interstate for the first time, on a net basis.

"Indeed, more people now leave Queensland than leave Victoria to come and live here than vice versa."

Plan Melbourne believe the rise in population will be good for Melbourne as long as it is properly planned for. These plans have already been discussed, with ideas being put forward to improve the city’s infrastructure, which will no doubt benefit those thinking of visiting Melbourne in the future.

Image Credit: Mark Sombillo (flickr.com)

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