Queensland history on display in Cairns

Cattle crossing in Queensland

Thousands will gather in Cairns to celebrate the agrarian past of North Queensland. A mixture of entertainment and history, The Cairns Show will showcase what has made this unique part of Australia grow into what it is today.

For three days – spanning 15-17 July – the show will have displays and activities centred on the region’s growth in agriculture and mining. The event’s pastoral past makes it a favourite among locals and tourists alike. To increase the excitement there will be extreme sports displays, traditional Queensland pole climbers, wood chopping competitions and, finally, fireworks.

The event is being held at The Cairns Show Ground. At the site’s Heritage Park there will be a complete historical display of Northern Queensland. Living history exhibits, a working blacksmith, chainsaw sculptures and carnival sideshows are also part of the show.

For locals, there are a number of competitions to take part in during the event. Beyond the traditional livestock competitions, there are less familiar contests such as chainsaw sculptures and wearable art competitions. The event is also hosting an elaborate wine tasting.

The Cairns Show started in the 19th century as the local Agricultural, Pastoral and Mining Association looked to celebrate the focus of life in the region. From the judging of cattle, pigs, poultry and traditional horse events to showing off farm technology, the event attracted a crowd of nearly 80,000 last year.

It is now the largest community event in Cairns. During the show, more than 400 local businesses get involved in the festivities. The Cairns Show has become key in stimulating the local economy. In terms of sales and services for local businesses, this event is worth nearly £16 million each year.

Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef are unique environments and they are renowned nationally and internationally as premier tourist destinations. The region attracts more than 2 million domestic and international visitors each year. It is an extremely popular stop for escorted tours through Australia, and local events such as The Cairns Show are well worth checking out for a flavour of real Australia whilst visiting.

Image Credit: Marc Dalmulder (flickr.com)