Record numbers flock to Australia

Approximately 508,700 Americans travelled to the country in 2013 - a figure that is up by 6.2 percent on the previous year. This impressive statistic is also one that even beats that of the year of the 2000 Olympics and is thought to have partly been the result of a number of celebrities going Down Under recently. 

Following numerous Australian marketing campaigns featuring US stars, there has been a huge surge in the number of Americans looking to visit the nation. Additionally, the recovering economy and falling Australian dollar have also contributed to the country’s increasing popularity with international visitors through Australian tours company bookings.

Celebrity following

With an increase in the number of high profile celebrities visiting the sunny country, a much wider reach for Australia’s marketing efforts has now been created. Such stars as Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres travelling Down Under is thought to have contributed to Australia’s popularity in the States but there have also been several visits that have brought the country increased attention in Britain also.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s presence in the nation for the filming of The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann further established Australia’s popularity among both Brits and Americans; even Robbie Williams has been promoting the country of late as he visited Australia for a series of media appearances.

But perhaps Australia’s biggest promotion for 2014 among both Americans and Britons has to be the upcoming royal visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and baby Prince George, who will be taking a tour there in April this year.

All of these high profile visits have contributed to Australia’s latest surge in popularity which has led to the total number of international visitors reaching close to 6.5 million last year and has encouraged increased optimism for the coming year.


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