Rembrandt exhibition to open in Amsterdam

Rembrandt: The Late Works has recently been on show at the National Gallery in London for the past four months, but will now be able to be experienced by those in Amsterdam. During its time in the capital, it managed to attract a quarter of a million visitors and is expected to attract just as many during its time in Amsterdam. Especially for this exhibition, the Rijksmuseum will be opening late on Fridays until 10pm, providing more opportunities for those in Amsterdam on river cruises in Europe to attend.

The artist’s later works are said to be some of his best, even though he encountered many tragic events, including the early loss of his wife and three of their children. This was later followed by bankruptcy, as well as losing his remaining son. Although many assume that this would have an effect on the paintings he created, it is said that his creative artworks ‘gathered a new energy’.

The greatest master of the Dutch Golden Age

Numerous themes are explored with this collection of famous masterpieces and rare drawings ranging from the 1650s until his death in 1669, which include self-scrutiny, experimentation and observation of everyday life. Visitors that attend the Rijksmuseum exhibition can take a look at some of these iconic pieces, which have also inspired various generations of artists since.

The National Gallery in London stated: “Even three-and-a-half centuries after his death, Rembrandt continues to astonish and amaze. His technical inventions, and his profound insight into human emotions, are as fresh and relevant today as they were in the 17th century.”

The exhibition opens on the 12th February and will run until 8th May, providing the opportunity to ‘experience the passion, emotion and innovation of the great master’.

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