Rembrandt exhibition to open in Budapest

Celebrating one of the greatest artists from the 1600s, the exhibition will display a comprehensive collection of Dutch art from one of the golden ages of European culture. More than 20 of the artist’s masterpieces will be on show, alongside works from more than 100 painters from the same era. Some of the most noted artworks in the collection, aside from Rembrandt, are three paintings by Jan Vermeer, whose oeuvre consists of just 38 pieces.

40 of these works originate from the Museum of Fine Arts, a popular attraction with those on cultural Danube river cruises, but a large number will be loaned from iconic museums such as the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam, the Louvre in Paris and the Metropolitan in New York. It has been reported that the artworks on loan have been insured for €1 billion and will feature paintings by Jan Steen, Dirck Hals, Willem Kalf and Hendrick Vroom.

Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age

The collection of Rembrandt’s work will include his earliest known painting, the Spectacles Sellers, as well as one of his very last self-portraits. The exhibition as a whole will be divided into seven main chapters, which range from presentations of the historical background to the influences Rembrandt had on fellow artists, and will provide an in-depth view into the artwork of the 17th century.

Boasting one of the top five European collections of 17th century Dutch artwork outside of the Netherlands, those visiting Budapest on Scenic Tours river cruises won’t want to miss out. The exhibition will be open from October 31st until February 15th 2015, and will be the largest to be hosted at the Museum of Fine Arts until after the refurbishment works scheduled for next spring.

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