Romania and Bulgaria join forces to improve navigating Danube

Romanian and Bulgarian authorities and experts are said to be joining forces to improve the year round navigability of the Danube River in their shared joint sections. Delegations from both sides recently met to discuss seeking EU funding to help navigate the Bulgarian-Romanian section of the river, by purchasing an ice breaker and other projects. During the winter the section between the two countries can freeze causing problems and also during the end of August, water levels can get low causing even more problems. It is thought that by the two nations joining forces, navigation of that section can be improved by 50%, also helping to relieve the land routes between the countries to which have become overloaded. Our Danube river cruises are a great way to see this fantastic river that takes in so many amazing countries and cities. Take a look at Gems of the Danube as an example of the cruises that sail along this river. Image Credit: Austin Donisan