News > September 2013 > €350m to be invested in clean-up of Paris Metro

€350m to be invested in clean-up of Paris Metro

The Paris Metro is frequently used by commuters, Parisians and those visiting the city on a France river cruise, and the cleanliness of the Metro has been a cause for complaint amongst all of these groups of people in the past. This is why RATP, the operator that runs the Metro and rail services in Paris, announced this week that they are launching a clean-up operation that will tackle this problem of cleanliness, and they have pledged €350 million towards creating a Metro that passengers are happy to use.

RATP announced that they will invest €70 million every year for the next five years in order to clean up the Metro, and as of October 2013 the daily work of cleaning staff will be checked unannounced. €40 million will also be put towards fixing the leaks that have been left untreated on the Paris Metro for a number of years.

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