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News > September 2015 > Missing out on Oktoberfest? All is not lost

Missing out on Oktoberfest? All is not lost

Colourful tents lie empty and waiting, countless kegs are being chilled in preparation and the celebratory clinking of steins will soon echo like a chorus throughout the streets of Munich. Oktoberfest is almost upon us, and the 2015 event marks the world’s largest ‘volksfest’ 180th year.

The boozy festivities will commence on 19th September 2015 and last for 16 days. Around six million visit Oktoberfest each year, raising a toast in one of 14 tents and consuming about 7.7 million litres of fine German ale.
To many, this jubilant gathering is definitive of old-time Deutschland charm. Its legacy stretches back nearly two centuries, and when the words ‘German’ and ‘beer’ are uttered in the same sentence, we all think the same thing: Oktoberfest.

At Scenic, we pay homage to this annual jamboree with our very own Taste of ‘Oktoberfest’ event in Freudenberg, Germany. This exclusive celebration features on our Jewels of Europe and Treasures of the Rhine river cruises, as part of our once-in-a-lifetime Enrich experiences.

After transferring our guests from the comfort of their state-of-the-art Space-Ship to the brilliantly traditional town of Freudenberg, the party can really begin. Joyous oom-pah-pah music fills the air, technicolour flags blanket the sky and an abundance of exceptional beer flows freely throughout the day. You’ll also find that this is the perfect opportunity to break bread with the locals over a delicious Bavarian dinner, complemented by good humour and a healthy dose of revelry.

Our unique Tastes of ‘Oktoberfest’ Enrich experience is brand new for 2016 Europe river cruises. While it might not measure up to the official occasion in size or stature, it does offer an intimate alternative that will only ever be enjoyed by Scenic guests. We’ll raise a glass to that.

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