Super Bowl could see colder cities attract visitors

With New Jersey showing what a success the iconic match can be in a colder climate, cities which have similar winter temperatures will be looking to follow suit and attract thousands of visitors to their own stadia in future years. 

The Super Bowl is a major event that is not only watched the world over but even attracts many spectators to the States on tours of America. Widely broadcasting one of America’s finest traditions, the game is just as much of a high point for sports fans as it is for American tourism and visitors to the U.S. With television ratings for the 2014 game reaching a record figure of 115.5 million viewers, it is not difficult to see why so many cities will be looking to battle it out for a chance to host the game.

Future ‘Bowls’

The next three Super Bowl locations have already been announced, with Glendale, Arizona hosting the 2015 event, Santa Clara, California welcoming the teams in 2016, and Houston taking on the role for 2017. Indianapolis, Minneapolis and New Orleans are all rumoured to be in the running for the 2018 game but no final details have yet been released. The Super Bowl is an event that sees people from all over the world come to experience the atmosphere it creates, therefore driving a lot of tourism to the areas that are bestowed with the honour of hosting it.

The Super Bowl provides the opportunity for visitors to experience one of the greatest of American sporting traditions on their travels to the States but, with the sheer attention it attracts, it has become equally well-known for its musical performances, seeing the likes of Prince, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen all performing over the years.

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