Surfers brave ‘most dangerous wave in the world’ in Sydney

Named the ‘most dangerous wave in the world’ by organisers of the event, the competition is not based on the size of the wave, but more on the risk taken. Waves were expected to reach up to four metres high, although the shallow depth and hazards of the rocky reefs below were what made the event so thrilling.

Home to one of the world’s deadliest reefs, Sydney’s Botany Bay was the perfect location for this exhilarating event. Sydney also boasts much of the world’s most stunning scenery and iconic landmarks, many of which can be experienced during Australian tours.

Taking place in Kamay Botany Bay National Park, this was the first time the competition had been held and followed two years of planning. Event organiser Mark Mathews also competed in the event, which is structured like a boxing match, with competitors battling it out in pairs.

$10,000 prize given

It was thought that Mark may not have been able to compete in the event, following injuries acquired in a previous run in with the wave prior to the competition. However, with the aid of painkillers, Mark did take part and even beat his opponent, Shane Dorian, to the ship wheel trophy and $10,000 prize.

A surf rescue team and ambulance were on hand throughout the event, but despite the dangers, luckily, there were no cases of major injury during the Red Bull Cape Fear competition, with a few competitors escaping with minor scratches and bruises.

There were eight winners in total, five of whom were locals and all of whom were Australian. Best Wave was awarded to Ryan Hipwood, while James Adams was given honour of Best Wipeout.

Image Credit: Andy Hitchinson (Flickr)

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