Swift. Stress-free. Convenient.

My first experience travelling via Eurostar was this summer when I returned from the Normandy & Gems of the Seine Scenic Club cruise. Seated in the Standard Premier carriage, which comes as standard for Scenic guests, I was pleasantly surprised at this alternative form of transport, which is perfect for those that don’t like flying or just prefer staying a little closer to terra firma.


Arriving at the Gare du Nord station in the centre of Paris just 30 minutes before my train was due to depart, I flew through check-in which included UK immigration, and was welcomed on board with a complimentary magazine. I was pleased to find that the spacious carriage had reclining seats, power sockets and complimentary Wi-Fi which meant I was able to stay busy for the whole 2 hour journey. As well as the amenities, I was treated to a delicious light lunch which included a glass of wine. I really liked that the spacious carriage allowed for me to stretch my legs without disturbing the other passengers, which isn’t something I’ve been able to do on an aircraft before.

In less than three hours, I’d arrived at London’s impressive St Pancras Station and was delighted at not having to join a long queue for passport control or have a tedious wait for my luggage. I was out of the station within five minutes and heading home.

Dominic Keely
Dominic Keely
Dominic is Scenic's Marketing Exec. His favourite river is the Seine, because of the rich history of the region. Dom's a huge football and Manchester United fan, and plays on a team himself.