Telegraph exposes why France is so popular

Instead of going through all the 17 points in the Telegraph piece we have picked out the very best ones and those that are most likely to get you wanting to book up one of the famous Scenic Tours deluxe river cruises to a number of different countries. The fact that Brits can catch the Eurostar to France makes it even easier to travel to France and the rest of Europe.

France will always have Paris

Paris is regarded across the world as one of the most romantic destinations that you can go to with the city not only boasting the Eiffel Tower, but romantic river cruises and restaurants as well.

The heritage sites

France is fourth in the world for the number of UNESCO World Heritage sites it calls its own and some of those sites define pure beauty. There are many countries that have not looked after their heritage sites as well as France has done, meaning that France has a number of stunning cathedrals and chateaux’s to show off to holidaymakers.

Fine dining

The fact that UNESCO has recognised France’s gastronomy should highlight how highly acclaimed the country’s cuisine is as France was the first nation in the world to have its gastronomy recognised by the specialized agency as "intangible cultural heritage”. The fact that you can accompany some delicious food with some famous French wine also makes the idea even more appealing.

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