Terracotta warriors head to Bucharest this summer

The 'Treasures of China' exhibition opened at the National Museum of Romania's History at the beginning of this week and includes four of China's famous terracotta warriors and one terracotta horse.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta described the new exhibition as "a great honour" for Romania as it is the first country in Central and Eastern Europe to have an exhibition with terracotta warriors, and he went on to say that he hopes this will open up more opportunities for China-Romania cultural exchanges.

The exhibition contains 101 artefacts that have been chosen from 11 Chinese heritage institutions and museums, and 'Treasures of China' will remain open until 1 August and is sure to be popular throughout the summer with both locals and those visiting Bucharest as part of a river cruise along the Danube.

Image Credit: fabcan (flickr.com)