The best places to discover Australian animals

There are plenty of opportunities to discover Australian animals on this news report about a kangaroo surprising passengers in a pharmacy at Melbourne Airport.

Whilst various types of kangaroo can be seen at Taronga Zoo in Sydney and in Melbourne Zoo, one of the best places to get up close to the creatures is at the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs. The sanctuary includes 90 acres of untouched bush-land that around 25 baby orphaned kangaroos are free to roam in, and the animals themselves are looked after by Chris Barnes, who is known to many as ‘Brolga’ or even ‘Kangaroo Dundee’. He has make-shift pouches to keep them all in and feeds them a milk supplement to keep them healthy, and he is happy to let visitors hold a joey during a tour.


The Koala is another famous Australian animal that is native to the country. One of the lesser-known Koala facts is that they live in the wild in eastern coastal areas, but many tend to know that koalas lead a sedentary lifestyle because of their diet of eucalyptus leaves, which is low in calorific and nutritional value. They are generally not very social animals, so to get up close to one it is best to head to the zoo.

Zoos across the country have koalas amongst their residents, including in all the major cities. Cairns Zoo is arguably one of the best to visit for koala fans, as it is one of the only sites in the world where visitors can actually hold a koala. Those who choose to hold a koala can rest assured that Cairns Zoo adheres to strict handling guidelines, and that there is also the opportunity to take home a digital photo of their ‘Cuddle a Koala’ experience.

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