‘Top 100’ app launched for Germany

A newly released smartphone app is expected to boost the tourism experience in Germany, helping tourists find the best places to visit in the country. Android and iOS devices can support the app which has just been released by the German National Tourist Board, so by simply taking a mobile phone on holiday a trip to Germany can easily be enhanced. The app is called ‘Top 100’ and it provides a list of the most popular places to visit as voted by visitors to the website, including information about each attraction, updated news and also discount vouchers that can be used at some of the places. Petra Hedorfer, chief executive of the GNTB, is optimistic about the release of the app, highlighting the greater interaction that tourists can now have with the best attractions in Germany. The ‘Top 100’ app is perfect for anyone enjoying river cruises in Europe as the hotspots cover various places in the country, such as Cologne, Bamberg and Nuremberg, that can be visited on the way along the river Rhine. Image credit: Sham Hardy (flickr.com)