Top sights to spot on a Rhine river cruise

The Rhine River and many of the sights to be discovered along it are known for being extraordinary, whether they are stunning natural surroundings or impressive manmade structures. Here are four of the tops sights to look out for on a river cruise along the Rhine.

Rhine Gorge
The Rhine Gorge is a highlight of a cruise along this magnificent river, and this 65km section of the river is sure to cause many to bring out their cameras. The gorge was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2002 on account of its cultural, geological, historical and industrial importance. Some of the slopes are dotted with picturesque vineyards, but picture-worthy scenes can be seen throughout.

Lorelei Rock
This part of the Rhine Gorge deserves a special mention, and its distinctive image will be hard to miss. The rock rises up to around 120m above the waterline of the Rhine, and the name originates from the German and Celtic words 'lureln' and 'ley', meaning murmuring and rock respectively. The murmuring sound is more difficult to hear nowadays with the development of the area, but keen ears will be able to hear the noise caused by a small waterfall and heavy currents.

Niederwald Monument
One of the most impressive manmade structures to be found along the Rhine, the Niederwald Monument makes a striking appearance on the banks of the river. A requisite journey to the top of the monument by cable car offers the kind of views that one would expect from a point that is 250m above the waterline of the Rhine: amazing views.

Cologne Cathedral
Another manmade structure which dominates a skyline, Cologne Cathedral is surely one of the most famous buildings in Europe. As Germany's most visited landmark, around 20,000 people are welcomed through its doors every day. As well as being a stunning piece of architecture to behold, the views from atop its tower are also extraordinary and can be reached by climbing its 509 steps.

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