Tour Amsterdam by bike

On a recent trip to Amsterdam, one journalist took it upon himself to have a go at a truly Dutch experience: cycling. Amsterdam is home to approximately 780,000 people and also 600,000 bikes, so although other things tend to spring to mind when you think of Amsterdam, there is nothing better than cycling to experience Dutch life. Journalist Steve Macnaull rented a bike to get the real Amsterdam experience by riding along the bike lanes that line canals and bridges whilst engaging with the cycling etiquette that inevitably accompanies such a large number of cyclists. Whilst on his cycle around Amsterdam he visited Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum, sampling some of the most interesting history of the Netherlands. For some of the day he opted for a walking tour instead which he said was just as magical as cycling through the canal-lined streets. Whether you want to cycle or walk around Amsterdam, either is great for visiting the city and are both options that you could have if you enjoy Europe river cruising. Image credit: The Swedish Seal (