Travel blogger answers questions about Uluru

Brett Ackroyd, travel writer for the Cheap Flights travel blog, has written a brief introduction to Uluru, answering some of the most popular questions posed to him by travellers who are hoping to visit Uluru whilst on a tour of Australia.

From questions relating to the rock's protected status to queries regarding where its name comes from, Brett Ackroyd provided a number of informative answers. He described the best time to see Uluru as sunrise or sunset so that visitors can make the most of the red colour, named the busiest tourist season as between April and October. This avoids the hot January temperatures, around 37.5°C, and makes the most of the cooler winter temperatures, around 20.3°C.

Overall, Uluru and the surrounding Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park are well worth a visit, and although Brett Ackroyd's article tells readers a lot about the natural structure, there is nothing quite like seeing it in person.

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