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Travel bloggers cycle from Budapest to Belgrade

Romain and Julien from set off earlier this week to travel from Budapest and Belgrade on the famous Eurovelo 6 cycle route that links the two cities together. The track follows the River Danube, and the bloggers both have had excellent things to say about their travels so far.

Whilst the journey by bike was the main part of the holiday, they also took some time to explore Budapest and enjoyed seeing this famous European city. Both Budapest and Belgrade have plenty of fascinating attractions to discover and many great photo opportunities.

In terms of the cycling part of their journey, Romain and Julien described the route alongside the River Danube as a "dream" to cycle along, with stunning scenery and quiet calm as they passed through rural areas.

The pair have yet to finish their journey and will be arriving in Belgrade soon, but their journey so far highlights a combination of exploring Budapest and travelling along the Danube River as a great travel choice.

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