UK wine lovers turning to Portugal

Whilst wines from France, Spain and Italy may more frequently adorn dining tables across the country, the popularity of the Portuguese offering has increased significantly in the past year, with the figures from HMRC indicating a 23 per cent increase in exports to the UK from Wines of Portugal.

This is great news for those who are set to travel to Portugal in the coming years, whether on a tour of the country or on a 2016 Douro river cruise with us; there are ample opportunities to try Portuguese wines when visiting the country, and this news of growing popularity in the UK means that those who would like to continue enjoying these wines in their own home after their holiday can do so more easily than ever before.


Embracing local grape varieties

The success of Portuguese wine could be down to their approach to the competition. Jorge Monteiro, CEO of ViniPortugal, spoke frankly in this article by saying, “Portugal cannot compete with Spain, France and Italy on some grapes, we can’t produce wine better or cheaper, so we take stock of local varieties.”

As well as making the most of the local grape varieties that make Portuguese wine unique, they are also looking to differentiate themselves from the competition by approaching specialist, independent retailers, who deliver a more personal and exclusive experience to wine lovers compared to the big retailers.

“We are working closely with retailers, where they can hold a tasting for their favourite customers and we will provide the wine. It helps retailers to sell wine and engage with customers better. Portugal is all about hand selling.”

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