Urban Surfing Planned for Rotterdam City

Europe is about to get a brand new ‘urban surfing’ destination as the Netherlands has released plans to build a futuristic water-purifying wave pool in the centre of Rotterdam along the Steigersgracht Canal. Those visiting the city on luxury river cruises and city breaks will be able to spectate from a terrace housing cafes and bars. Other water-based activities one can take part in besides surfing will include kayaking and scuba diving. Visitors will also be able to rent canoes and little boats in order to cross the canal as a novel way to access the rest of the city.

The project, whose official name will be RiF010, is being developed by the University of Technology in Delft, in the Netherlands, with a focus on durability and sustainability. This means that hopefully the project, once complete, will be around for years to come and enjoyed by many visitors to the city in the future.

Image Credit: Martin Abegglen (Flickr.com)

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