Washington prepares for annual Cherry Blossom Festival

People from all around the world head to the city to attend the National Cherry Blossom Festival, including those in Washington on tours of America, in order to witness the beautiful pink flowers. The event commemorates when 3,000 cherry trees were gifted from the people of Japan to the people of the United States and celebrates the friendship between the two countries. The trees were all planted in Washington’s tidal basin, which turns a beautiful shade of pink in spring.

This year’s festival is taking place a little earlier than the blossoms, with the blooms expected to peak between 11th-14th April, making the tail-end of the festival even more spectacular. The community event brings people out in their thousands, and is considered a great way to celebrate the arrival of spring time in the city, whether the blossoms are buds about to burst, or snowy white petals on the ground.

Plenty to see and do

There will be an opening ceremony taking place on Saturday March 21st, which will see a number of traditional and modern acts from both America and Japan take to the stage at the Warner Theatre. The following weekend will also see the Blossom Kite Festival at the Washington Monument Grounds, which invites people to fly their own, as well as witness demonstrations from professionals.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is also sometimes known as the ‘pinkest party on earth’ and boasts a diverse variety of events, ranging from art exhibitions and film screenings to activities and live entertainment. The majority are free to the public, and will include a waterfront fireworks show on 4th April, which promises to be spectacular come rain or shine.

Image Credit: l’ennui d’ennui (Flickr.com)