World premiere LEGO exhibition to open in Sydney

The collection of landmark buildings will include 1:200 scaled reconstructions of iconic buildings in Asia and Australia, and have been constructed by one of only 12 certified LEGO professionals worldwide. Named Towers of Tomorrow, visitors including those on escorted tours of Australia in Sydney, will be able to compare buildings from the past with those of today.

Marvel at some of the world’s best engineering on a smaller scale, but with all the stunning architectural detail still visible. A number of the models stand at more than three metres high, and there are approximately 320,000-330,000 LEGO bricks used when counting the combined 19 towers on display. These include Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, Tokyo’s Skytree, Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers and Sydney’s Australia Square, which are all exhibited together so visitors can appreciate their true scale.

Global landmarks recreated in LEGO bricks

One of the replicas is of the Shanghai Tower, which is the second tallest building in the world behind Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, and is LEGO professional, Ryan McNaught’s favourite in the exhibition. It was one of the most difficult to make as it includes trees growing up the inside and 45 wind turbines, which generate the building’s electricity.

The LEGO expert has been working on the exhibition for more than three months, with the help of another two builders, and has previously created larger than life models of Darth Vader, and a two-metre wide brick version of the Rome Colosseum.

There will also be opportunities to create your own at the Sydney Living Museum, with more than 200,000 loose LEGO bricks at the exhibition. Design your own miniature skyscraper and bring your idea to life with colourful building blocks! The exhibition will run until April 19th 2015.

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