World’s first underwater gallery opens in Australia

Six pieces of art inspired by the reef itself can now be seen by divers and snorkelers around the Great Barrier Reef, and people have already made the 50km journey from Cairns to take a look at the artwork. A floating turtle marks the place where the art gallery can be found around four metres underwater, which opened on 10th December.


Those who are currently visiting the Great Barrier Reef on Australia escorted tours can head over to Moore’s Reef and gain access to the gallery via Reef Magic’s Marine World platform. Once visitors have got their diving kit on they can dive below the water and see a collection of single-edition prints by artist BJ Price that were inspired by the Great Barrier Reef. The printing process used infuses dyes with a special kind of aluminium, which helps to protect the pieces from water damage.


In an interview with The Independent he said that he hoped to “get people to perhaps be inspired themselves” by his artwork and see the beauty of the reef in a new light. The artwork has been fixed to easels that have been set up on the sea bed and part of the experience of viewing these paintings is to see the colours and patterns within them reflected in the coral and fish swimming around the artwork. Follow the link at the bottom of this article to watch a video of this interview with BJ Price and to see some of his artwork in situ.


Although the art gallery will only be open until 13th December, it has been a fantastic experience for visitors as well as a world first, and it also opens up the potential for more underwater art galleries to find a home in the Great Barrier Reef.


Image Credit: Pete Niesen (Shutterstock)