Writer celebrates 50th with Sydney bridge climb

Bridget McGrouther has decided to mark her 50th birthday with a "global odyssey" lasting 50 days. Her trip, which she has dubbed '50 at 50', has already taken McGrouther to Brazil and Argentina, and now she has decided to head to Australia - a country she regards as "my second home". McGrouther spent a year working and backpacking in Australia in her thirties, so she is already familiar with some of the country's best sights, traditional customs and local people, but she has never before had the opportunity to climb Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most familiar sights on Australia tours to Sydney and in 1998 the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb was established. The walk up to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge has become an essential part of a visit to the city for many people over the years and the range of options has grown to include special climbs through the structure of the bridge, faster climbs to the top and even climbs for an extra special wedding ceremony. McGrouther has now tackled this challenge and has scaled the great iron structure on the traditional bridge climb.

She described the climb as "exhilarating" and even completed a victory video at the top, where climbers have great views of the Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour, Circular Quay and the open sea. McGrouther was happy to hear that the eldest person to ever reach the peak of Sydney Harbour Bridge was 100 years old and encouraged others to have a go: "half a century is nothing", says McGrouther.

Click on the below link to read more about Bridget McGrouther's trip to Australia as part of her '50 at 50' global adventure. She is currently over halfway through her trip around the world and has many more adventures to write about yet.

Image Credit: Abeeeer (flickr.com)