Your introduction to French Cuisine

It is considered one of the cornerstones of culinary brilliance, with its many techniques still practiced today by the world’s leading chefs.  If you are looking forward to discovering one of the many standout dishes of the nation during your fully-inclusive river cruise. They are usually removed from their shell and cooked in either garlic butter, chicken stock or wine; additional ingredients like thyme, parsley and pine nuts can also be added, depending on where you are.

Two aspects that are available regardless of region are wine and cheese, both of which happen to be some of the country’s most famous exports.

The food we know today

Diners today are more likely to be treated with nouvelle cuisine, with the development of lighter sauces and the use of minimal ingredients brought about by the call for a move away from the classic, heavier cuisine of the nation. It focuses on the use of fewer ingredients, rather than the amalgamation of many, which is clearly evident in haute cuisine.

There is an even greater emphasis on presentation, with part of the experience at one of the countless Michelin star restaurants being the artistry of the plate as well as the beautiful marriage of flavours and textures.

Examples of this simpler approach to French cooking include basil salmon terrine, French onion soup and the traditional Beef Bourguignon, with the latter being constantly refined with the use of less ingredients, while still retaining its incredible flavour.

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