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Explore the final frontier

Considered the final frontier in global exploration, Antarctica is a unique and unparalleled destination, and one you can now enjoy as part of a luxury ocean voyage aboard Scenic Eclipse.

Reserve your place aboard the world’s first discovery yacht as it traverses the berg-laden waters at the bottom of the planet, and you’ll unearth a land of exquisite natural wonders and rare wildlife encounters that will simply take your breath away.

Thanks to our pioneering discovery yacht, navigating the marine-life rich waters of Antarctica has never been safer, or as luxurious. Setting the bar in terms of luxury and extravagance, Scenic Eclipse allows you to discover the unearthly beauty of Antarctica by day, and all the comforts of a 6-star cruise ship by night.

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Where will Scenic Eclipse take you?

Scenic Eclipse


Travel to the base of the globe and explore the final frontier that is Antarctica

Explore the Final Frontier in Ocean Travel

Seldom explored by human visitors, Antarctica is now negotiable thanks to the pioneering innovations featured aboard Scenic Eclipse.  Unlocking an enigmatic panorama of ice and snow, our discovery yacht transports you to the nether reaches of the Southern Hemisphere — where a world of stunning icescapes, vast mountain ranges and indigenous wildlife awaits.

Journey to Antarctica aboard Scenic Eclipse, and you’ll discover magical moments around every glacier and iceberg. Our Antarctic voyages are all possible thanks to the innovative design of the ship, which, thanks to its intimate size and shape, is able to negotiate even the most labyrinthine of ice fields.

Get Closer to Extraordinary Experiences

With its majestic wildlife and stop-and-stare beauty, Antarctica offers endless extraordinary experiences to appease even the most fervent of travellers. Couple these natural wonders with the technological innovations afforded by our illustrious discovery yacht, and you’re guaranteed the journey of a lifetime.

Setting Scenic apart from other cruise lines operating in the waters of Antarctica, our luxury discovery yacht is equipped with a range of features that offer limitless access to this frozen continent — from helicopters and submarines, to Zodiacs and kayaks. This impressive range of exclusive transport facilities allows you to experience Antarctica from land, air and sea, for the ultimate in adventure and discovery.

All in Complete Luxury and Comfort

Not only can you walk with native penguins and set foot on uncharted lands during your unforgettable South Atlantic voyage, you can do all this in complete luxury and comfort thanks to the all-inclusive 6-star service offered aboard Scenic Eclipse.

No sacrifices need be made in terms of comfort, safety and wellbeing during an Antarctic voyage with Scenic. Our ultra-inclusive service means every facet of your trip is taken care of prior to boarding our discovery yacht, leaving you free to relax and enjoy all of the luxury amenities and facilities available to you as you cruise past the icy tundra of Antarctica.

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