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Arctic & The Fjords

Spectacular scenery & vibrant cultural history

Journey to the top of the world aboard Scenic Eclipse, and savour the very best in adventure, exploration and boundless comfort. Boasting some of the most astounding scenery on the planet, the Norwegian Fjords and the Arctic Circle have inspired countless poets, artists and explorers, and now you can look upon the same stunning frontier with a cruise aboard our outstanding discovery yacht.

Promising a truly unforgettable journey, our Arctic & The Fjords cruise itineraries have being carefully crafted by our team of expert Journey Designers to offer the perfect blend of exploration, adventure and luxury. Scenic Eclipse is a true revolution in the world of ocean travel, providing 6-star comfort amid truly untouched, far-flung destinations — so it’s the perfect way to experience the Arctic Circle and Norway’s famous Fjords.

Find out more about our Arctic & The Fjords ocean cruise itineraries below.

Arctic & The Fjords Cruises

Artic & The Fjords Offers

The Footsteps of the Vikings

10 days
Bergen > Reykjavik
Whilst taking the Viking route from Norway to Iceland you will discover extraordinary landscapes on this 10 day luxury cruise from Bergen to Reykjavik.
from £4,795

Iceland Discovery

10 days
Reykjavik > Reykjavik
Learn all about the local mythical and mysterious tales, discover volcanoes and thermal spas and more on this 10 day cruise around beautiful Iceland.
from £5,875

Iceland & Atlantic Canada

13 days
Reykjavik > Quebec City
On this 13 day cruise from Reykjavik to Quebec City you will love discovering the islands that connect the American continent to the European continent.
from £7,775

Ultimate Arctic

11 days
Longyearbyen > Longyearbyen
Enjoy the endless summer days, try to spot Polar bears and discover the northernmost islands on this 11 day discovery cruise in the Arctic circle.
from £8,645

Norwegian Fjords

13 days
Longyearbyen > Bergen
Discover one of the northernmost islands in the world before sailing to the famous Norwegian Fjords on this 13 day cruise from Longyearben to Bergen.
from £9,075

Ultimate Viking & Iceland Discovery

19 days
Bergen > Reykjavik
Take the classic Viking route and enjoy the wonderful landscapes found along this 18 day cruise from Norway to Scotland and from Scotland to Iceland.
from £10,665

Where will Scenic Eclipse take you?

Scenic Eclipse

Atrctic & The Fjords

Journey to the top of the world in the ultimate of comfort and luxury

Journey to the Top of the World in Limitless Comfort

Once considered an inhospitable region bereft of comfort, it’s now possible to journey the Arctic Circle and the Fjords of Norway in complete luxury and style thanks to Scenic Eclipse. With its pioneering design, our world discovery yacht will take you deeper and closer to the Arctic than you ever thought possible, unlocking a trove of immersive experiences not enjoyed on other Arctic and Norwegian cruise itineraries.

From the comfort and safety of our innovative ocean cruise vessel, you’ll enjoy close encounters with polar bears, walruses and other indigenous wildlife, whilst negotiating some of the world’s most esteemed natural beauty spots, including Spitzbergen and the Svalbard Archipelago. Each itinerary is crafted by our experienced Discovery Team to provide a truly unforgettable and life-affirming journey.

Enjoy a Truly Immersive Cruise Experience

Bringing you closer to the Arctic and all of its wonders than any other cruise operator, a voyage aboard Scenic Eclipse affords the ultimate immersive, once-in-a-lifetime journey. Our ultra-inclusive world discovery yacht is brimming with innovative features designed to transport you to the heart of the Arctic’s most esteemed natural wonders, so you can catch a glimpse of such rare sights as the Northern Lights or a native polar bear.

Cruise above a glistening ice field aboard one of our two helicopters, or dip beneath the waves in one of two submarines to spot whales and other beloved marine life. Explore the magical inlet of a towering glacier aboard a Zodiac, or hire a kayak for an unforgettable journey along the banks of a Norwegian Fjord. Whatever your travel inclinations, Scenic Eclipse affords boundless freedom and possibility.

Interested to find out more about our Arctic ocean voyages? All of our Arctic itineraries can be found in the Scenic Eclipse online brochure, or by calling 0808 274 3965.