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Dining & Beverages

A multicultural culinary adventure awaits

Dining on board Scenic Eclipse promises to be a sensory delight. With an exceptional choice of 10 dining experiences, ranging from casual to fine dining inspired by all four corners of the globe, a multicultural culinary adventure awaits.

With 8 spacious bars and lounges to enjoy, relaxation is waiting to find you. Sip a glass of France’s finest at the intimate Champagne Bar, indulge in an aperitif at the elegant Lobby Lounge or unwind in the Azure Bar & Café with a plate of oysters accompanied by a crisp glass of Pinot Gris.

Small and intimate venues abound on Scenic Eclipse affording you the choice of privacy at no additional cost, from our Chef’s Table offering a private degustation experience for just 8 guests to the Teppanyaki grill private dining for just 10 guests.

Complimentary beverages are part of our signature all-inclusive promise. Enjoy a specialty tea in the Observatory, an aged single malt or fine wine in one of our lounge or bar areas, or even in the privacy of your verandah suite.

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Your choice of 10 dining experiences

•    Elements - The main restaurant featuring Italian, steak & seafood

•    Chef’s Table - An exclusive invitation to degustation dining

•    Koko’s - Asian Fusion restaurant and Sake bar

•    Sushi @ Koko’s - A wonderfully authentic Japanese experience

•    Teppanyaki @ Koko’s -Private dining with an open Teppanyaki grill

•    Lumière - Contemporary French fine dining and Champagne bar

•    Azure Bar & Café - Relaxed all-day grazing

•    Epicure - Learn from the best in our dedicated cooking emporium

•    Yacht Club - Poolside grill, buffet and bar

•    In-Suite Dining - A 24-hour comprehensive menu


Dining, Beverages & Public Spaces

Scenic Eclipse

Dining on board Scenic Eclipse promises to be a sensory delight. With an unrivalled choice of up to 10 dining experiences, ranging from casual to fine-dining, inspired by all four corners of the globe, a multicultural culinary adventure awaits. Take a closer look in this extraordinary video.


Meet our Culinary Director

Scenic Eclipse

Guillermo Muro, Culinary Director of Scenic Eclipse shares his passion for food and love for creative fine dining. From the Japanese fusion at Koko’s to contemporary French fine dining at Lumière, watch the video to feast your senses on the global gastronomic delights which will be at the heart of your Scenic Eclipse dining experience.

Gourmet Discoveries

Scenic Epicure

Designed to immerse you further in the delights of gastronomy, our dedicated cooking emporium allows you to participate in a series of culinary lessons, held by the experts. Special cooking stations, a large TV screen showing the chef’s techniques and a hydroponic herb garden are just some of the elements available to you, as you create an array of authentic regional recipes.

From farm to table

At the heart of our dining philosophy is combining the best ingredients with the finest skills. From seeing the freshest produce being expertly rolled into sushi to picking the live herbs to complement creations in Epicure, your palate will delight in the flavours of each morsel.Our open galleys invite you to see first-hand the passion and expertise that goes into preparing every meal. 

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Travel to the Earth's southernmost continent and explore Antarctica in depth. Escape to the immensity of a vast wilderness on a cruise to the Arctic. Discover Mediterannean Europe and the Baltics - the cradle of culture and great civilisations and delight in the rich history, stunning natural beauty and unique wildlife encounters of the Americas.

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Scenic Eclipse Cruises

Europe Cruises

Discover Portugal & Spain

10 days
Lisbon > Barcelona
Discover Portugal & Spain on this 10 day luxury cruise. Discover stunning Seville, meet the apes at the rock of Gibraltar & arrive in Gaudi's Barcelona.
from £5,335

Great Seafaring Nations

13 days
Barcelona > Amsterdam
From Barcelona to Amsterdam, immerse yourself in the vivacity of Spain as you explore its coastline before discovering the untouched elegance of Portugal.
from £5,795

Iceland Explorer

11 days
Reykjavik > Reykjavik
On this 11 day Iceland Explorer luxury cruise, discover the many glaciers and volcanoes & immerse yourself in the distinctive culture and incredible sights.
from £6,495

The Footsteps of the Vikings

10 days
Bergen > Reykjavik
Whilst taking the Viking route from Norway to Iceland you will discover extraordinary landscapes on this 10 day luxury cruise from Bergen to Reykjavik.
from £6,535

Mediterranean Treasures

11 days
Venice > Barcelona
From Venice to Barcelona, uncover the Mediterranean treasures and Croatian gem of Dubrovnik over 11 days in all-inclusive 6-star luxury.
from £6,985

Discover the British Isles

11 days
Dublin > Bergen
Explore the British Isle from Dublin to Bergen and enjoy what Britannia has more to offer as you spend time on magical islands and beautiful ports.
from £7,005

Panama & Colombia Discovery

12 days
Cartagena > Lima
From Cartagena to Lima, cruise along the Central & South American coastline & transit the Panama Canal - an awe-inspiring experience you will never forget.
from £7,235

Taste of Cuba and the Caribbean

13 days
Havana > Cartagena
Enjoy a taste of Cuba & the Caribbean on this 11 day cruise from Havana to Cartagena. Explore pristine & remote destinations including Isla de Providencia.
from £7,335

Great Civilisations Mediterranean Discovery

15 days
Barcelona > Athens
Discover the Europe of your imagination and experience a moving ANZAC Day in Gallipoli on this luxurious 15 day cruise from Barcelona to Athens
from £8,645

Transatlantic Explorer

23 days
Buenos Aires > Lisbon
from £8,875

The Arctic in Depth

13 days
Oslo > Oslo
from £8,895

Jewels of Iberia & Ireland

14 days
Barcelona > Dublin
Discover diverse cultures and landscapes on this luxurious 14 day cruise that takes you to the highlights of Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Norway.
from £8,915

Iceland & Atlantic Canada

13 days
Reykjavik > Quebec City
On this 13 day cruise from Reykjavik to Quebec City you will love discovering the islands that connect the American continent to the European continent.
from £9,415

Taste of Cuba & the Caribbean with Colombia Experience

21 days
Havana > Bogota
from £9,525

Panama & Colombia Discovery with Colombia Experience

20 days
Bogota > Lima
from £10,260

Atlantic Canada & USA

17 days
Quebec City > New York City
Explore charming coastal towns rich in flora and fauna and boasting the best-preserved Colonial architecture in North America.
from £10,305

Panama & Colombia Discovery with Peru Highlights

21 days
Cartagena > Lima
from £10,590

Arctic Islands: Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland

15 days
Oslo > Reykjavik
Experience close encounters of the Arctic kind on this 15 day cruise from Oslo to Reykjavic. Visit the world's largest national park and spot wildlife.
from £11,065

Ultimate Caribbean & Central American Treasures

22 days
Havana > Lima
From the passion of Cuba to the biodiversity of the Central American jungles, to the wildlife-rich islands off the coast of Colombia, Panama and Peru, this discovery cruise is a feast for the senses.
from £13,275

Ultimate Mediterranean Discovery

18 days
Lisbon > Athens
Uncover the history and culture of the Portuguese, Moors, Spaniards, French, Romans and Greeks during this 18 day Ultimate Mediterranean Discovery cruise.
from £17,315

Greek Isles & Dalmatian Discovery

12 days
Athens > Venice
Discover the best of the stunning Greek Isles & sparkling Dalmatian Coast in all-inclusive luxury on this spectacular 12 day cruise from Athens to Venice.
from £18,265

Across the Northwest Passage

24 days
Copenhagen > Nome
Follow in the footsteps of early Arctic explorers as you embark upon the infamous Northwest Passage.
from £23,145

Ultimate Mediterranean Treasures

21 days
Athens > Barcelona
Follow in the footprints of the great civilizations as you uncover the true essence of the Mediterranean. With plenty of late evening departures you'll have time to explore at a leisurely pace.
from £34,855

Antarctica Cruises

Antarctica in Depth

16 days
Buenos Aires > Buenos Aires
This 16 day cruise takes you to some of the most remote places in the Southern Hemisphere. Nothing will prepare you for the wonder of visiting Antarctica.
from £12,045

Antarctica in Depth with Taste of Argentina & Brazil

22 days
Buenos Aires > Rio de Janeiro
Combine our Antarctica in Depth cruise with one of our fully-inclusive land journeys for the ultimate experience.
from £14,215

Antarctica in Depth with Highlights of Peru

23 days
Lima > Buenos Aires
There isn’t a country in South America more complex and fascinating than Peru. From ancient Incan civilisations and the legacy of the Conquistadors to the impressive valleys and peaks of the Andes.
from £14,965

Antarctica in Depth with Patagonian Adventure

23 days
Buenos Aires > Santiago
Discover the wild splendours of Los Glaciares National Park before venturing into the dramatically beautiful Torres del Paine National Park with its soaring peaks and crystal-clear lakes.
from £17,020

Antarctica in Depth with Ecuador Highlights

25 days
Buenos Aires > Quito
Witness some of the greatest wildlife on the planet in the intriguing Galápagos Islands, then explore the wildlife-rich surrounds of Mashpi Reserve.
from £18,300

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands

23 days
Buenos Aires > Buenos Aires
Imagine yourself a true explorer on this 23 day luxury cruise that sails to the Falkland Island, South Georgia and the astounding Antarctic Peninsula.
from £18,765

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