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Discovery Yacht

taking ocean cruising to a whole new level

Introducing Scenic Eclipse, the world’s first Discovery Yacht. Step on board this elegant vessel, and experience a world of extraordinary wonders and unprecedented luxury. In Eclipse, we’ve created something truly ground breaking — a vessel capable of sailing to the ends of the Earth without forgoing complete comfort and luxury.

Scenic Eclipse was born out of a will to challenge the ordinary and introduce our customers to a new way of ocean cruising. With its innovative safety features and sleek hull, this extraordinary vessel can sail where others simply cannot, unlocking a world of rare landscapes and cultures not enjoyed by the average traveller.

From the Arctic to Antarctica, the Pacific to the Mediterranean, ocean cruising has never been so effortless, or luxurious. The ship’s 6-star amenities make it more akin to a floating hotel than a pioneering discovery vessel; the only reminder that you’re at sea coming as the next destination appears over the horizon.

And best of all? All the perks and privileges come included as a Scenic guest. From unforgettable shore excursions and exclusive Enrich experiences, to food and beverages inspired by the very regions you visit, we include everything in the price to offer you the journey of a lifetime.

Practical Elegance

Scenic Eclipse is quite simply, a beautiful yacht. Featuring a stunning external design that draws inspiration from the sleek contours of a sailing yacht, including a hull designed to glide throguh the ocean currents with ease; the internal safety features ensure even the roughest of ocean stretches will have minimal impact upon guests. 

Every inch of Scenic Eclipse has been considered and crafted to offer comfortable and safe passage on the world’s waterways. Whether you’re cruising the sun-kissed Mediterranean or voyaging into the ice fields of Antarctica, our Discovery Yacht makes light work of even the choppiest seas — leaving you free to enjoy the wealth of on-board amenities in absolute luxury and comfort. 

Highest Ice Class

For our cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica, we will have a rating of Ice Class 1A enabling navigation through these waters. Our cruises will be limited to 200 guests in these regions which gives us full access to the broadest range of landing sites of any luxury vessel.

Antarctica and the Arctic are the final frontiers of ocean cruising, each possessing a wild, untamed magnetism for curious and inquisitive travellers. We’ve always sought to push the envelope in unique travel experiences, and our cruises to these unimaginable lands represent a huge leap forward in the world of luxury ocean cruising. 

Ultimate Indulgence

One of the most deluxe features will be the excluisve spa sanctuary. At 450 square metres, it will feature the very best products and services and highly experienced beauty therapists. After a day of discovery, indulge in a relaxing massage or take to a plunge in the hot and cold pools.

Step Outside

Scenic Eclipse has been designed with a plethora of outdoor areas that provide a window out onto the beautiful locations we cruises to. Featuring jacuzzis, terraces, an outdoor observation deck and of course your private in-suite verandahs, we promise you'll never miss a moment of wonder.

Access to the elements holds the key to a truly invigorating and multisensory ocean cruise experience. Travel on-board Scenic Eclipse, and you’ll feel closer to every natural wonder and cultural highlight we sail to. Our Discovery Yacht takes you beyond the physical, creating moments of awe and wonder that go beyond anything you’ve experienced before.

If you’re searching for that once-in-a-lifetime trip, book your place aboard our 6-star Discovery Yacht today.