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Innovation and Safety

Taking ocean cruising to a whole new level

Stabilisers and safety

Scenic Eclipse will have custom-built stabilisers that are 50% larger than other ships. Fitted with state-of-the-art fins that can adjust themselves to cope with even the biggest swells, Scenic Eclipse will remain steady, even at zero speeds. This innovation is especially important for our Polar cruises.
Scenic Eclipse has been designed according to the old adage, ‘safety in numbers’. Along with an ice strengthened hull, we have two engine rooms in separate fire zones, two wheel houses and two galleys and refrigeration units. Guests’ safety and comfort remains our number one priority.

Polar rating

Scenic Eclipse will have an Ice Class 1A Super rating (Polar Class 6 in the new classification system)*, enabling navigation through Arctic and Antarctic waters in summer. Our cruises will be limited to 200 guests in these regions which gives us access to the broadest range of landing sites.

*Subject to regulatory approval

Sleek Design

We’ve pushed the boundaries to discover even greater levels of comfort and safety for our guests, including state-of-the-art engineering and a stunning external design drawing inspiration from the sleek contours of a mega-yacht.
Rather than a traditional anchor, which provides little stability, dynamic positioning utilises GPS to ensure accurate and secure mooring, no matter where in the world we are and is also a far more environmentally conscious way to control the ship. Our commitment to the environment continues with advanced water treatment systems and efficient low impact engines.

Scenic Eclipse Stabilisers



Scenic Eclipse is fitted with custom built stabilisers, between 50 and 100% larger than you would normally find on a ship of this size.

Scenic Eclipse Azipods

Custom built azipods


Scenic Eclipse will feature the latest version of the advanced Azipod propulsion system.

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