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Europe & The Mediterranean

Cradle of culture and epic history

Sail the fabled waters of Europe’s Mediterranean Sea aboard Scenic Eclipse, and look forward to a voyage of immense cultural fascination and stunning scenic splendour. From east to west and north to south, the Mediterranean is a hotbed of culture, heritage and sunshine, and you can unearth all of these treasures during your voyage aboard our illustrious 6-star discovery yacht.

Never has an ocean-faring vessel afforded such an intimate exploration along the shores of Europe and the Mediterranean. From the romantic vistas of Venice and the exotic charms of Turkey, to the brooding headlands of the British Isles and the sun-kissed sands of Spain — you’ll leave no stone unturned during your journey aboard Scenic Eclipse.

Find out more about what to expect on a Europe & The Mediterranean cruise aboard Scenic Eclipse below.

Where will Scenic Eclipse take you?

Scenic Eclipse


Let Scenic Eclipse introduce you to the wonders of the spectacular Mediterranean region of Europe

Discover the Forgotten Gems of Europe

Cruise the waters of Europe aboard Scenic Eclipse, and you’ll gain exclusive access to a wealth of the continent’s overlooked gems and extraordinary heritage attractions. This is all thanks to the design and proportions of our pioneering discovery yacht, which is capable of docking in much smaller port destinations than other vessels operating in European waters.

No matter where you choose to travel within Europe and the Mediterranean, you’ll enjoy a unique aspect not afforded to most who travel the continent’s waters. Able to dock within the heart of historic towns and villages from Morocco to Italy, Scenic Eclipse will transport you to majestic destinations across the Mediterranean — offering a truly immersive and life-affirming journey.

Get Closer to the Splendour of the Mediterranean

Helping to unlock rare cultural encounters far from the well-trodden tourist trail; Scenic Eclipse is equipped with a raft of innovative features designed specifically to transport you to the forefront of Europe’s serene natural wonders and rare cultural highlights.

To help you absorb the time-forgotten gems of the Mediterranean, our lavishly appointed discovery yacht features helicopters, submarines, boats and bicycles — bringing you closer to a wealth of unforgettable experiences across this exquisite portion of Europe. Soar over evocative beauty spots, dip beneath the clear blue surf, or potter amid charming port towns; the choice is yours aboard Scenic Eclipse.

Explore Europe in Complete Luxury

Thanks to the arrival of Scenic Eclipse, exploring the celebrated coastal destinations of Europe and the Mediterranean has never been as luxurious, comfortable or exclusive. Our 6-star discovery yacht is exquisitely appointed with boundless luxuries, so you can unearth a roster of cultural gems without forfeiting comfort, style and indulgence.

As part of our 6-star, all-inclusive service, you’ll enjoy the perks of your very own private butler for the duration of your European cruise, on hand around-the-clock to wait on your every desire. Couple this with a menu of enticing gourmet fare served in six individual restaurants, as well as other extravagances including a fully-equipped spa and fitness suite, and your time cruising the waters of Europe promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Discover more about the luxury refinement and enviable features of Scenic Eclipse by downloading our online brochure, or by calling our helpful team on 0808 274 3965.