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Europe and the Mediterranean

Let Scenic Eclipse introduce you to the wonders of the spectacular Mediterranean, the Iberian Peninsula and the British Isles.

The cradle of culture and a region that has had an epic influence throughout history. This stunningly beautiful part of the world is yours to discover across a range of unique itineraries that have been handcrafted to showcase the very best destinations and experiences.


From the bright beauty of Croatia and its Dalmatian coast and the exotic delights of Turkey, through to the crystalline waters of the Greek Islands, the Amalfi Coast and the French Riviera. From the islands and coastline of Spain and Portugal, to mysterious Morocco, the ancient and utterly beautiful islands of Britain, Scotland and Ireland to the majestic Fjords of Norway, whatever your choice, your journey of discovery on board Scenic Eclipse will introduce you to a completely new world.


The unique design of our yacht allows access to locations larger cruise ships can’t reach, cruising right into the heart of smaller ports, bays and coves where you can choose from a host of Freechoice and active discovery excursions that are unique and exclusive to Scenic. Late night departures are part of the experience allowing ample time for you to explore. Then, in the evening, sit back and relax whilst enjoying exceptional dining experiences and take in the awe-inspiring surrounding views.

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Wonders of the Spectacular Mediterranean

Experience the elegance, glamour and wealth of the Principality of Monaco and the jewel in the crown, Monte Carlo. Savour an exclusive classical concert in the prestigious Salle Garnier at Opéra de Monte Carlo.

The Blue Caves of Zakynthos are a must-see, accessible only via small craft, like our custom-built Zodiacs or kayaks. Explore the series of caves where the reflection of light turns the water into a fantastic azure translucent blue.

Explore the monuments of Seville and enter the World Heritage- listed Alcázar Palace or discover Seville and visit the Flamenco Museum. Marvel at a private display of the equestrian ballet at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art.

Ride the world-famous Flåm Railway or enter an authentic Viking Village in Sognefjorden. Alternatively explore the labyrinth of caves at Gudvagen or take a discovery excursion by Zodiac or kayak. Helicopter and submarine excursions are available.

Europe & The Mediterranean Cruises

Europe & The Mediterranean Offers

Mediterranean Treasures

9 days
Athens > Venice
Discover the Mediterranean on a 9 day cruise from Athens to Venice on board the luxurious Scenic Eclipse. Explore the Greek Islands and Dalmatian coast.
from £3,875

Inaugural Transatlantic Crossing

14 days
Barcelona > Miami
Sit back and relax in completely luxury during Scenic's Eclipse's inaugural transatlantic crossing between Barcelona and Miami
from £3,945

Discover Spain, Portugal & Morocco

9 days
Tenerife > Barcelona
Combine the North of Africa with the South of Europe on a 9 day cruise from Tenerife to Barcelona. Highlights include Casablanca, Gibraltar and Cartagena.
from £4,295

Taste of Cuba & Caribbean

12 days
Miami > Cartagena
Discover the allure of the Caribbean. Immerse yourself in Cuban culture and explore the beauty of Jamaica on this 10 day cruise from Miami to Cartagena.
from £4,395

South America to Canary Islands

17 days
Buenos Aires > Tenerife
Enjoy a luxury one-night stay in Buenos Aires before relaxing on a 17 day luxury cruise from South America to Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
from £4,595

Panama, Colombia & Ecuador Discovery

11 days
Cartagena > Guayaquil
Discover the hidden gems of Panama and Colombia and sail through the famous Panama Canal on this 11 day cruise from Cartagena to Guayaquil.
from £4,675

Discover the British Isles

11 days
Dublin > Bergen
Explore the British Isle from Dublin to Bergen and enjoy what Britannia has more to offer as you spend time on magical islands and beautiful ports.
from £4,795

Eastern Mediterranean Treasures

9 days
Venice > Barcelona
Get to know the delicious culture, cuisine and landscapes of this region on this luxurious 9 day cruise in the Mediterranean from Venice to Barcelona.
from £5,155

The Footsteps of the Vikings

10 days
Bergen > Reykjavik
Whilst taking the Viking route from Norway to Iceland you will discover extraordinary landscapes on this 10 day luxury cruise from Bergen to Reykjavik.
from £5,345

Iceland Discovery

10 days
Reykjavik > Reykjavik
Learn all about the local mythical and mysterious tales, discover volcanoes and thermal spas and more on this 10 day cruise around beautiful Iceland.
from £5,575

Jewels of Iberia & Ireland

14 days
Barcelona > Dublin
Discover diverse cultures and landscapes on this luxurious 14 day cruise that takes you to the highlights of Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Norway.
from £5,795

Great Civilisations Mediterranean Discovery

15 days
Barcelona > Athens
Discover the Europe of your imagination and experience a moving ANZAC Day in Gallipoli on this luxurious 15 day cruise from Barcelona to Athens
from £6,195

Ultimate Caribbean & Central America Treasures

19 days
Miami > Guayaquil
From the heady passion of Cuba to the contemplative magnificence of the Central American jungles, this discovery cruise will take your breath away.
from £7,685

Norwegian Fjords

13 days
Bergen > Oslo
On this 13 day cruise from Bergen to Longyearbyen you will sail through famous Norwegian Fjords and experience some of the most amazing scenery in Europe.
from £8,595

Ultimate Arctic

12 days
Longyearbyen > Longyearbyen
Enjoy the endless summer days, try to spot Polar bears and discover the northernmost islands on this 12 day discovery cruise in the Arctic circle.
from £8,995

Iceland & Atlantic Canada

13 days
Reykjavik > Quebec City
On this 13 day cruise from Reykjavik to Quebec City you will love discovering the islands that connect the American continent to the European continent.
from £9,275

Ultimate Viking & Iceland Discovery

19 days
Bergen > Reykjavik
Take the classic Viking route and enjoy the wonderful landscapes found along this 19 day cruise from Norway to Scotland and from Scotland to Iceland.
from £9,665

Ultimate Vikings & Atlantic Canada

22 days
Reykjavik > Quebec City
This amazing 22 day luxury cruise from Reykjavik to Quebec Pier will showcase the highlights of Volcanic Iceland, Icy Greenland and French Canada.
from £13,725

Ultimate Arctic & Fjords

23 days
Bergen > Oslo
Witness phenomenal landscapes as you visit the majestic Fjords of Norway before heading to the Arctic on this 23 day cruise from Bergen to Longyearbyen.
from £14,645

Ultimate Arctic & Fjords

25 days
Longyearbyen > Bergen
This 25 day cruise from will take you to the Arctic to spot Polar Bears as well as exploring the amazing Fjords of Norway.
from £18,285