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Inspire Me – Adventure

Exceptional itineraries and excursions, designed for those who love to push the boundaries.

Scenic Eclipse is built for adventure - from the on board discovery fleet of Zodiacs and kayaks taking you beyond the horizon to the expertly curated itineraries taking you to exciting parts of the world that, until now, have been inaccessible to the ordinary traveller.

Our Journey Designers have hand-picked each Scenic Freechoice activity designed for adventure seekers looking for new and unique experiences in some of the world’s most extreme and awe-inspiring locations.

From the enigmatic and breathtakingly beautiful Polar regions to the paradise charms of the Caribbean; Scenic Eclipse will transport you to incredible locations where you can adventure across land, over water or under the ocean.

Scenic Freechoice activities can take you to some of the most awe-inspiring spots the world has to offer. And our expert guides will keep you safe whilst revealing the hidden secrets of these beautiful parts of the world.

For those looking for adventure on board Scenic Eclipse, we have identified three perfect itineraries complete with amazing Scenic Freechoice activities.

The Footsteps of the Vikings

From the Norwegian Fjords to the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik, via the Scottish islands; our Footsteps of the Vikings itinerary follows the path of one of history’s most fearsome civilisations.

Navigate the same paths the Vikings crossed during their storied seafaring past, and explore the region’s historical legacy. With a selection of Scenic Freechoice activities throughout the itinerary, you’ll have chance to really immerse yourself in the Nordic traditions of Norway, the Highlands and Iceland.

Jarlshof Prehistoric Site


On day three of this itinerary, you have the chance to explore one of the British Isle’s most astounding archaeological sites – Jarlshof. With ruins dating back to the Bronze Age, Iron Age and Viking rule of the Shetland Islands – Jarlshof provides an incredible day of discovery.

Loch Ewe

loch ewe

Recognised as one of the most beautiful spots in Scotland, Loch Ewe is typified by beautiful waters flanked by rugged mountains. Explore this amazing part of the world from a unique angle with Scenic Eclipse, by boarding our exclusive submarine or helicopter. Whether you take to the skies, or dip under the crystal clear waters – Loch Ewe from a new perspective is an adventure not to be missed.

Panama, Colombia and Ecuador Discovery 

Amazing wildlife, enigmatic cities and the world’s greatest feat of technical engineering are all yours to explore as part of this adventure-rich itinerary. Start the voyage from the ancient walled city of Cartagena in Colombia, before heading towards paradise islands, incredible national parks and the awe-inspiring Panama Canal.

San Blas Islands

san blas isles

On day four of this itinerary, take in the beautiful archipelago of the San Blas Islands. Surrounded by beautiful waters, today is a good day to take advantage of Scenic Eclipse’s on board Zodiacs and kayaks. Or, to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding sea, partake in a scuba dive and explore the amazing coral reefs.  

Utría National Natural Park

colombia national park

Where the humid tropical rainforest meets the sea, the Utría National Natural Park is a truly unique site. Spectacular wildlife can be found on land and in the sea – most famously, the visiting humpback whales who migrate to give birth in the lagoon. Nesting sea turtles make their home on the beaches of the natural park and the forests are home to jaguars, cougars, spider monkeys, giant anteaters and many more.

Discover Spain, Portugal and Morocco

Hopping across continents, this Scenic Eclipse itinerary allows you to adventure between different cultures and exciting destinations. Whether you’re stepping foot on the volcanic island of Madeira or boarding a helicopter for a tour of the Spanish skies; there’s a wealth of things to see and do during this voyage.

This itinerary grants you the chance to dock in small ports inaccessible to the ordinary traveller. From here, adventure will blossom.



Adventure is at the very heart of Casablanca. On day five of this amazing itinerary, you’ll arrive in Casablanca where you’re free to delve into the heart of the city. With adventure at its very heart, explore the enigmatic souks, mosques and the mausoleums of former rulers.

Rock of Gibraltar

rock of gibraltar

Home to the only wild monkey population in Europe, the Rock of Gibraltar is much-loved by those visiting the irrepressible, cheeky Barbary macaques. Alongside this unique spread of wildlife, the rock is also notable for the WWII tunnels which run throughout. Tour the tunnels for a wonderful living history lesson, whilst catching glimpses of the wonderful monkeys going about their daily activity. 

Wherever your sense of adventure is directing you, Scenic Eclipse can take you there in style. And after another day of exploring, snorkelling, kayaking or hiking, you can return to your Scenic Eclipse suite to enjoy guaranteed 6-star luxury. 

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