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Inspire Me – Culture

The world’s most enchanting and enigmatic civilisations and destinations explored in absolute luxury.

The World’s First Discovery Yachts can take you to incredible places that, until now, have been inaccessible to the ordinary traveller. This will introduce you to amazing cultures and experiences that others cannot.

Complemented by the Scenic Enrich program, a series of carefully-planned, ultra-exclusive experiences available on every itinerary; Scenic Eclipse promises amazing cultural immersion all around the world.

From private concerts in Arctic cathedrals to High Tea in a lord and lady’s country estate; the Scenic Enrich experiences promise once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Our Journey Designers have selected and curated these experiences to help every Scenic Eclipse guest enjoy the true essence of the unique cultures visited.

So, whether you’re heading through the paradise Caribbean islands, or navigating the historic cities of the Mediterranean, we have picked three amazing itineraries packed with culture. 

Iberia Wonders

From Barcelona to Porto, this itinerary explores the finest cities along the Iberian coast, unearthing thousands of years of history and cultural intrigue. Sun-kissed cities blessed with amazing culture and architectural wonder are visited daily, giving you chance to really explore this delightful part of the world.

Start the journey in the incomparable Catalan capital, Barcelona – delightfully shaped by the architectural genius of Gaudi – before navigating south and west. Visiting rich seafaring cities, you’ll be welcomed by some of Europe’s most historical and significant ports, awash with history and culture.  

Picasso Museum, Malaga

picasso museum malaga

Arriving in the Andalusian city of Malaga, you’ll have the chance to visit the Picasso Museum as part of the Scenic Freechoice program. Boasting 285 pieces of work from the father of Cubism, the museum is located in Picasso’s home city and is a must-see for any art lover. 

Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art

Royal Andalusian equestrian school

On day five of this itinerary, you’ll be welcomed to beautiful Seville, where you’ll have the chance to enjoy a Scenic Enrich experience. Marvel at the incredible equestrian ballet performance at the city’s famous Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art – delighting in the artistry of the horses.


Great Civilisations Mediterranean Discovery

The Mediterranean is awash with ancient, history-defining cultures and their legacies. From the Romans who travelled far and wide, and whose inspiration can still be felt today, to the ancient Greeks who shaped philosophy, science and democracy for thousands of years.

From Barcelona to Athens, this amazing itinerary pays homage to the cultures and history of Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey, exploring the impact of some of the world’s most incredible civilisations and empires. Where better to delve into cultural immersion?



The ancient Roman town of Pompeii is one of the world’s most significant historical sites. The life in the town was completely destroyed when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79AD, but many of the structures were beautifully preserved – giving us a unique insight into ancient life.

On day six of this cruise, take a tour through Pompeii and explore ancient life, set in stone.  

Traditional Milos 


On day 10 of this 15-day cruise, you’ll be welcomed to the beautiful Greek island of Milos. Whilst here, you’ll enjoy the Scenic Enrich experience – a lively performance of traditional Greek music and dance. The powerful dance performances are as impressive as they are culturally significant to the Greek people.

Ultimate Caribbean and Central American Treasures

For many visiting the Caribbean, the temptation may be to lay out the beach towel and soak up the sun on the sands of the paradise islands visited. However, this would miss the incredible array of culture and historical intrigue on offer in this delightful part of the world.

Visiting a series of national parks as well as the enigmatic island of Cuba, the Ultimate Caribbean and Central American Treasures itinerary combines natural wonder with the heady passion of The Americas.

Castillo del Morro 

santiago de cuba

In the enigmatic Cuban capital of Havana, we offer two Scenic Enrich experiences. The second of which is one of our favourite Scenic Eclipse options, the firing of the cannon at Castillo del Morro. The historic fortress entrance to Havana, Castillo del Morro is one of the first things you’ll witness as you arrive on the island, and the firing of the cannon is a much-loved tradition in these parts.

Utría National Natural Park 

A truly unique spectacle, Utría National Natural Park is positioned where the rainforest meets the sea. Home to an array of wonderful wildlife, indigenous people and incredible scenery, the Colombian park is unlike anywhere else in the world.

And helping you delve deeper into the culture of the region, our Scenic Enrich program gives you the chance to witness an Afro-Pacific musical and dance heritage performance during a private concert on the park’s beach.

Scenic Eclipse provides a truly luxurious passage into the history and culture of the world’s most enigmatic destinations. All-verandah suites and 6-star luxury on board Scenic Eclipse will be your home from home as you delve into these culture-rich regions.

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