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The Americas

Balmy Caribbean waters, fairy tale cities and dreamscape fjords, there is no shortage of wonder to discover as you cruise across the Americas.

Fall in love with Cuba and the islands of the Caribbean, transit the mighty Panama Canal, explore the natural beauty of Colombia, the majestic fjords of Chile and the captivating Falklands.


White sand beaches, rolling mountains, cigars, salsa and rum. The Cuba of your imagination is alive and well. No matter which Caribbean island or cay you happen to find yourself on, every moment will be a revelation. Rich with history, swarming with ribald tales of pirates and treasure and inhabited by a host of welcoming people, you’ll love your time in the Caribbean.


From perfectly preserved cities, to the soaring majesty of glaciers, the West Coast of South and Central America is a place you will fall in love with at first sight. Travel through the Panama Canal, explore vibrant Colombia, cruise close to monumental glaciers in the Chilean Fjords, visit vast penguin rookeries and discover the captivating history of the Falkland Islands.


Our escorted land journeys are designed to link seamlessly with our Scenic Eclipse itineraries so you can explore even further before or after your cruise. From the rhythms of America’s Deep South to the majestic stillness of Patagonia’s wilderness and everywhere in between, these fascinating destinations will reveal their magnificent natural riches, complex history and wonderful hospitality to you.

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Destinations to explore on Scenic Eclipse

Watch our video to discover some of the incredible destinations you can visit on Scenic Eclipse from 2018.

Americas Cruises

The America's Offers

The Coast of Argentina & Brazil

8 days
Buenos Aires > Rio de Janeiro
from £3,275

South America Cruise

11 days
Guayaquil > Valparaiso
Cruise along the western coast of South America and discover the amazing ruins of Chan Chan, along with ample relaxation time during days at sea
from £3,385

South America to Canary Islands

17 days
Buenos Aires > Tenerife
Enjoy a luxury one-night stay in Buenos Aires before relaxing on a 17 day luxury cruise from South America to Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
from £5,295

Panama, Colombia & Ecuador Discovery

11 days
Cartagena > Guayaquil
Discover the hidden gems of Panama and Colombia and sail through the famous Panama Canal on this 11 day cruise from Cartagena to Guayaquil.
from £5,795

Taste of Cuba & Caribbean

12 days
Miami > Cartagena
Discover the allure of the Caribbean. Immerse yourself in Cuban culture and explore the beauty of Jamaica on this 10 day cruise from Miami to Cartagena.
from £5,885

Chilean Fjords & Falklands Islands

18 days
Valparaiso > Buenos Aires
Discover the beautiful nature of Chile and Argentina on a 14 day cruise that sails to the Fjords of South America and takes you to the Falkland Islands.
from £7,845