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The Americas

A place you'll fall in love with at first sight

Vibrant, colourful and above all, beautiful, The Americas and the Caribbean are best explored from the seas - where white, palm-flanked sands give way to lofty peaks and boundless tropical flora. Better still is a cruise aboard Scenic Eclipse, which marries the joy of a cruise around The Americas with the endless luxury you’ve come to expect from Scenic. The perfect package for those seeking sun, sand and adventure.

No matter where in this vast region you choose to sail, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable journey. Our ultra-luxury world discovery yacht is perfectly at home amid the tropical islands and small inlets of the Caribbean and South America, and is able to breach celebrated waterways others dare not follow — from the Panama Canal to the stunning Chilean Fjords.

Here, we look at what makes a cruise of The Americas on-board Scenic Eclipse quite so special.

Where will Scenic Eclipse take you?

Scenic Eclipse

The Americas

From Cuba to the Caribbean, sit back and enjoy being on one of the world's great cruises through one of the most spectacular places on earth.

Immerse Yourself in Culture and Beauty

The sultry heat and soul-lifting beauty of South America and the Caribbean make it the perfect destination for ocean travel, and here at Scenic, we’re able to bring you closer to the natural wonders and cultural gems of this evocative region thanks to our pioneering world discovery yacht.

Attentively designed to marry comfort and luxury with complete manoeuvrability, Scenic Eclipse transports you to the forefront of the real America, offering wonderful experiences not afforded to most who cruise these waters. The ship’s intimate size allows it to slip easily into smaller regional ports, unlocking a myriad of authentic excursions and trips that deliver a real flavour for the country you’re visiting.

And if the prospect of docking in small, charming ports wasn’t enough, our discovery yacht features a number of innovative transport technologies which can be used to carry you closer to the natural wonders of The Americas. The ship features helicopters, submarines, boats and bicycles, helping you explore each and every destination on your itinerary to its fullest.

Explore The Americas in Complete Luxury

While a voyage to The Americas sounds an adventurous affair, you’ll be far from slumming it aboard Scenic Eclipse. Our 6-star discovery yacht is awash with luxury features to make your time on-board extra special, providing the perfect combination of luxury travel and boundless discovery, both at sea and on land.

Among the many luxury facilities and amenities available to you as a Scenic Eclipse passenger, our personal butler service is guaranteed to be your favourite. No matter which of our Americas itineraries you choose, the 1:1 passenger to crew ratio aboard our discovery yacht means you’ll enjoy the very finest service on the high seas, so your ocean cruise is as relaxing as it is unforgettable.

Discover the beauty of the Americas on board Scenic Eclipse, and get set for the voyage of a lifetime. To browse our complete collection of ocean cruises in the Americas, click here to download the Scenic Eclipse brochure or call us on 0808 274 3965.