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Luxury Caribbean, Central & South America Cruises

Balmy Caribbean waters, cosmopolitan cities and dreamscape fjords, there’s no shortage of wonder to discover as you cruise across the Americas with Scenic Eclipse.

Tracing a path through perfectly preserved colonial cities, epic mountains and remote islands teeming with birdlife, your time on board the World’s First Discovery Yachts lets you experience the stunning expanse of the Americas like never before. Marvel at the proud musical and dance heritage of the locals in Colombia’s Utria National park with the Scenic Enrich experience on board Panama, Colombia and Ecuador Discovery. Witness the site of the infamous Bay of Pigs at Playa Girón during our Cuba in Depth itinerary. 

NEW FOR 2019 - You can now explore the east coast of the USA on our incredible 12 day itinerary, tracing more than 3,200 kilometres which includes a day in the big apple. 

Handpicked by Scenic Journey Designers with exclusive activities and excursions, your time here is tailored with 6-star luxury, from the smallest features to the most opulent of delights, every aspect of our itineraries has been handcrafted so you experience these amazing parts of the continent to their fullest.

Discover Panama

Transiting the Panama Canal is just one of the awe-inspiring experiences you’ll have while cruising along Central and South America’s coastline. Tropical, verdant and buzzing with wildlife, the unique bird and marine life of the jungles and islands are yours to discover by Zodiac and kayak. Experience unique encounters as you connect with Embera and Kuna communities.


scenic eclipse the americas

White sand beaches, rolling mountains, salsa and rum. The Cuba of your imagination – timeless and alluring - is alive and well. Fill your soul with its passionate spirit and take a horse and carriage trip through Havana’s hustle and bustle, before you venture to the Caribbean’s crystal-clear waters and its vibrant hidden treasures. Our Taste of Cuba and the Caribbean itinerary invites you to follow the footsteps of Hemingway, as you explore the enigmatic island which captured his heart and mind. 


scenic eclipse americas

From perfectly preserved cities bustling with life to the soaring majesty of its glaciers, Central and South America charms and amazes in equal measure. For a truly bespoke experience explore our Chilean Fjords & Cape Horn itinerary. Travel through the Panama Canal as part of our Ultimate Caribbean and Central American Treasures itinerary. Wherever you go, Central and South America offers sights and sounds for every taste.


Our escorted land journeys link seamlessly with Scenic Eclipse itineraries, letting guests explore further afield before or after their cruise. From the rhythms of the Deep South to the majestic stillness of Patagonia’s wilderness and everywhere in between, these fascinating destinations reveal their magnificent natural riches and complex histories the instant you touch ground.

Scenic Eclipse provides an exclusive opportunity for you to combine an ultra-luxury ocean cruise with a unique land tour through the Americas. From coastal cities of exceptional beauty and culture, to stunning regions further inland, Scenic can help you experience moments inaccessible to the ordinary traveller. Furthermore, a fleet of kayaks and helicopters* are on hand to get you closer to the areas you never thought you could traverse.

new orleans scenic eclipse

Fascinated by Deep South USA? Our Southern Belles tour gives you chance to pay tribute to Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans – experiencing this enigmatic part of the world. Scenic Enrich experiences include visits to Studio B where Elvis recorded many of his hits, and Bel de Maison – for a Cajun-style house party.

Discover the fascinating musical heritage of Tennessee at Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, culminating in an exclusive performance from one of Nashville’s most acclaimed country museums. Or, travel through picturesque fields on your rail journey to Machu Picchu, before a full day exploring the wonders of this ancient Inca site. Our escorted land journeys are the perfect complement to an ocean cruise on Scenic Eclipse.

*Helicopter and submarine activities are weather permitting, may incur additional costs and subject to availability.

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Scenic Eclipse sets the standard in ocean cruising in terms of technology, size and luxury. State-of-the-art safety features allow us to unlock destinations others can only dream of.

Designed to deliver the ultimate experience of a lifetime for only 228 guests, Scenic Eclipse takes ocean cruising to a whole new level.

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Destinations to explore on Scenic Eclipse

Watch our video to discover some of the incredible destinations you can visit on Scenic Eclipse.

Americas Cruises

The America's Offers

Panama & Colombia Discovery

12 days
Cartagena > Lima
From Cartagena to Lima, cruise along the Central & South American coastline & transit the Panama Canal - an awe-inspiring experience you will never forget.
from £7,235

Taste of Cuba and the Caribbean

13 days
Havana > Cartagena
Enjoy a taste of Cuba & the Caribbean on this 11 day cruise from Havana to Cartagena. Explore pristine & remote destinations including Isla de Providencia.
from £7,335

Transatlantic Explorer

23 days
Buenos Aires > Lisbon
from £8,875

Cuba in Depth

15 days
Nassau > Havana
Cuba is a haven of many layers, untouched by modern influences and meticulously preserved. Uncover hidden gems away from the crowds.
from £9,155

Taste of Cuba & the Caribbean with Colombia Experience

21 days
Havana > Bogota
from £9,525

Panama & Colombia Discovery with Colombia Experience

20 days
Bogota > Lima
from £10,260

Panama & Colombia Discovery with Peru Highlights

21 days
Cartagena > Lima
from £10,590

Chilean Fjords and Cape Horn

22 days
Lima > Buenos Aires
Experience the very best of the islands and fjords of Patagonia & Chile on this all-inclusive luxury cruise on board Scenic Eclipse. Visit Tierra del Fuego.
from £10,795

Antarctica in Depth

16 days
Buenos Aires > Buenos Aires
This 16 day cruise takes you to some of the most remote places in the Southern Hemisphere. Nothing will prepare you for the wonder of visiting Antarctica.
from £11,485

Chilean Fjords & Cape Horn with Taste of Argentina & Brazil

28 days
Lima > Rio de Janeiro
Straddling the border between Argentina and Brazil lies one of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders you will ever witness.
from £12,995

Ultimate Caribbean & Central American Treasures

22 days
Havana > Lima
From the passion of Cuba to the biodiversity of the Central American jungles, to the wildlife-rich islands off the coast of Colombia, Panama and Peru, this discovery cruise is a feast for the senses.
from £13,275

Chilean Fjords & Cape Horn with Highlights of Peru

30 days
Lima > Buenos Aires
Journey through a country that will fascinate with its rich history, epic mountains and iconic culture.
from £13,495

Antarctica in Depth with Taste of Argentina & Brazil

22 days
Buenos Aires > Rio de Janeiro
Combine our Antarctica in Depth cruise with one of our fully-inclusive land journeys for the ultimate experience.
from £14,215

Antarctica in Depth with Highlights of Peru

23 days
Lima > Buenos Aires
There isn’t a country in South America more complex and fascinating than Peru. From ancient Incan civilisations and the legacy of the Conquistadors to the impressive valleys and peaks of the Andes.
from £14,965

Antarctica in Depth with Patagonian Adventure

23 days
Buenos Aires > Santiago
Discover the wild splendours of Los Glaciares National Park before venturing into the dramatically beautiful Torres del Paine National Park with its soaring peaks and crystal-clear lakes.
from £17,020

Antarctica in Depth with Ecuador Highlights

25 days
Buenos Aires > Quito
Witness some of the greatest wildlife on the planet in the intriguing Galápagos Islands, then explore the wildlife-rich surrounds of Mashpi Reserve.
from £18,300

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands

23 days
Buenos Aires > Buenos Aires
Imagine yourself a true explorer on this 23 day luxury cruise that sails to the Falkland Island, South Georgia and the astounding Antarctic Peninsula.
from £18,765

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands

23 days
Buenos Aires > Buenos Aires
Imagine yourself a true explorer on this 23 day luxury cruise that sails to the Falkland Island, South Georgia and the astounding Antarctic Peninsula.
from £20,675

Ultimate Chilean Fjords & Antarctica

33 days
Lima > Ushuaia
A beautiful cruise discovering the Chilean Fjords before exploring the extraordinary Antarctic Peninsula on a 33 day exploration from Callao to Buenos Aires.
from £21,330

Antarctica with Galápagos, Amazon cruising & Peru

31 days
Guayaquil > Buenos Aires
Mystical, ancient and undoubtedly beautiful, the countries of Ecuador and Peru are must-sees.
from £21,370

South Georgia with Taste of Argentina & Brazil

29 days
Buenos Aires > Rio de Janeiro
from £21,715

South Georgia with Taste of Argentina & Brazil

29 days
Buenos Aires > Rio de Janeiro
A feast for the senses awaits on this epic journey across land and sea. Be amazed by the power of the thundering falls of Iguazu and the vibrant culture of Brazil.
from £22,065

South Georgia with Patagonian Adventure

30 days
Santiago > Buenos Aires
Pristine and wild, Patagonia is a place with an incredible connection to nature. Wide sweeping spaces, epic glaciers and towering mountain peaks that will take your breath away.
from £23,765

Americas Cruises

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