The Arctic, Fjords and Baltics

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The Arctic, Fjords and Baltics offer up some of the Earth’s most spectacular scenery, with a rich, vibrant cultural history, and amazing wildlife dotting the incredible lands. Even at the top of the world, Scenic are committed to pushing the boundaries of exploration, taking you further into the Arctic Circle than any other cruise line. You are free to explore parts of the world that, until now, have been untouchable to the ordinary traveller.

Take in the frozen tundra and icy peaks of Svalbard as part of our Ultimate Arctic itinerary, a near-mythic archipelago whose indigenous wildlife outnumber its humans, and is famed for its majestic remoteness. As part of the Scenic Freechoice program, wonder at the foaming waterfalls and rugged mountains of the Norwegian Fjords on board our fleet of Zodiacs and kayaks.

Or take to the skies and soar above Greenland’s gorgeous glaciers in our on board helicopter*, a Scenic Freechoice exclusive available on our Iceland & Atlantic Canada itinerary.

A place that has inspired many celebrated poets, intrepid explorers and canny seafarers, soak up the Arctic’s majestic heritage, the region’s beautiful landscapes and go beyond the limits of inspiration to make your own mark at the edge of the Earth.

low cloud passing through the Northwest Passage

Cross the Northwest Passage

Sailing through the Northwest Passage is the pinnacle of Arctic exploration. Traverse from Greenland across the remote Canadian High Arctic to Alaska. Icebergs, glaciers, wildlife, historical sites and the men that made them famous are all part of this exhilarating expedition. With only 200 guests on board, this is the voyage of a lifetime.

Arctic: Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland

Watch our stunning video for a closer look at what you can expect from your time in this incredible region of natural splendour.

The Baltics

The nine nations that surround the Baltic Sea are diverse and fiercely proud, each with a strong and distinct culture. From the small countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to the majesty of Russia's St. Petersburg, and the cosmopolitan cities and pristine landscapes of Denmark, Finland and Sweden to the coastlines of northern Germany and Poland, the Baltics will be a delight to discover

luxury view of the sun setting behind a castle over the Baltic sea

Experience The Most Dramatic Scenery

A polar bear on a snow covered field seen from a luxury Arctic cruise
Head into the deep north on an Arctic cruise and explore the limits of planet Earth. We’ll take care of the equipment and protective gear, all you’ll need is a yearning for incredible sights and a sense of adventure. Explore the Svalbard archipelago with our expert Discovery Team, as part of our Ultimate Arctic itinerary and you’ll witness polar bears, walruses and more as you venture on-land with the Scenic Freechoice program.
Geirangerfjord with a mountain in the background
No landscape on Earth has conjured up such drama and poetry quite like that of the spectacular Norwegian Fjords. Carved out of glaciers and mapped by crystalline seawater, there are not enough words to describe the awe you’ll feel when you navigate the narrow mouths and steep ravines of the Lofoten Islands. And Scenic Enrich will take you deep into the cultures this stark part of the planet has shaped – with a private concert in the Arctic Cathedral of Tromsø.