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Set sail on a luxury Baltics and Fjords cruise in 2022 and 2023 with Scenic Eclipse.

A nautical journey across the Baltic Tradewinds Route will let you uncover the hidden charms of Gdansk in Poland, the simple beauty of Estonia’s Tallinn, the trendy Finnish capital of Helsinki, and St Petersburg, the former Imperial Capital of Russia – all vibrant destinations that are often overlooked by travellers.

On one of our Fjords cruises you can experience the stunning natural beauty of the Lofoten Islands, the multiculturalism of Copenhagen, and the unique geographical positioning of Bergen (it's set across a beautiful convergence of Fjords).

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Discover The Baltics

Discover - Lofoten Islands

lofoten islands

Rocky, craggy peaks that touch the edge of the skies, lush green grass that hugs and surrounds the little villages below, and sparkling, glistening, azure Fjords that reflect everything around them – the Lofoten Islands are a paradise in the Scandinavian north.

As you surround yourself with sheer natural beauty, setting sail through this magical region of the world will offer a is simply unforgettable journey.

Discover - St. Petersburg

st petersburg

Russia isn’t always the first choice for the typical tourist, but when you allow yourself to fully open up to its wonderful culture, architecture and history, the true charms of its prestigious and thriving cities soon become apparent.

From the visually impressive, colourful and towering Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood, through to the intricate detailing of the centuries-old Hermitage Museum and the lush natural gardens of Peterhof Palace, St Petersburg is a vibrant and exciting city that has to be seen to be believed.