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Discover the best time of year to sail on each of our Scenic Space-Ships

Understanding that our guests like to travel at different times of the year, we’ve provided full cruise scheduling information for our ships, Scenic Jasper, Opal and Amber, helping you keep abreast of where your favourite ship is and when, so you can plan your perfect getaway.

Scenic Jasper, Opal and Amber offer luxury cruises on a number of European rivers, including two of the continent’s favourite waterways, the Rhine and the Danube. Spanning thousands of miles and crossing multiple countries respectively, the Rhine and the Danube have provided the lifeblood of Europe for thousands of years — giving each a distinct history, heritage and culture.

Choose to cruise the Danube or Rhine aboard Scenic Jasper, Opal or Amber, and you’ll do so in the utmost style, elegance and luxury. These sister ships have been cleverly designed for your complete comfort, offering generous space and effortless indulgence no matter where you choose to travel and when.

Cruise Calendars

To make it easier to map out your dream journey atop Europe’s waters, our Scenic Jasper, Opal and Amber calendar is ideal for pencilling in dates and understanding exactly when to travel. Knowing this information in advance makes it much easier to plan a journey which works around your schedule, and not the other way around.

Scenic Jasper

Scenic Jasper sails the Rhine, Main and Danube all year round, offering luxury to all guests

Scenic Opal

Discover the waterways of Europe on board the brand new Scenic Opal.

Scenic Amber

Scenic Amber is our newest Space-Ship to take you on a luxury cruise through Europe.

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Gems of the Danube

8 days
Budapest > Nuremberg
Along every bend in the Danube River you'll be amazed by the sights that greet you from historical Budapest to beautiful Nuremberg over 8 lovely days.
from £2,340
2017 Spring Sale

The Majestic East

8 days
Vienna > Belgrade
Begin in the magical city of Vienna and travel along the Danube to explore cities in Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia
from £2,645 £1,645
2017 Spring Sale

Eastern Enlightenment

9 days
Belgrade > Bucharest
9 day cruise through the depths of Eastern Europe. Sail along the Danube to the tip of the Black Sea before staying for 1 night in Bucharest
from £2,645 £1,645
2018 Preview Launch Offer

Rhine Highlights

8 days
Basel > Amsterdam
Journey from the majestic Alps of Switzerland all the way to the famous and romantic canals of Amsterdam on this 8 day tour and cruise along the Rhine.
from £2,745 £1,995
2018 Preview Launch Offer

Gems of the Danube with Prague

11 days
Prague > Budapest
Stay for 3 days in wondrous Prague and visit many of the countless attractions found along the Danube River on this 7 day cruise from Nuremberg to Budapest
from £3,145 £2,395
2017 Spring Sale

Romantic Rhine & Moselle

15 days
Basel > Amsterdam
The romance of Europe is alive and well on this 15 day cruise from Basel to Amsterdam exploring the beautiful Rhine and Moselle Rivers.
from £3,940 £2,940

Danube Delta Discovery

16 days
Bucharest > Vienna
This 16 day cruise along the Danube will take you from amazing Bucharest to charming Vienna, visiting wondrous places like Budapest and the Iron Gate.
from £4,495
2018 Preview Launch Offer

Jewels of Europe

15 days
Budapest > Amsterdam
On this 15 day cruise along the Danube and Rhine rivers from Budapest to Amsterdam you will visit grand palaces, fairytale castles and beautiful villages
from £3,245 £2,495
2017 Spring Sale

Christmas Wonderland

16 days
Amsterdam > Budapest
Discover the most beautiful Christmas villages and festivities Europe has to offer in the holiday season on this 16 day cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest.
from £4,690 £4,440
2018 Preview Launch Offer

Iconic Danube

8 days
Munich > Budapest
This 8 day cruise from Munich to Budapest along the Danube river will take you to some of the most beautiful places in Germany, Austria and Hungary.
from £2,370 £1,620

Christmas Markets

15 days
Budapest > Amsterdam
Spend 15 days on a magical river cruise exploring Europe’s most beautiful Christmas markets in cities including Cologne, Rüdesheim, Nuremberg, Vienna and Budapest.
from £3,245