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Choose to traverse Europe’s waterways aboard Scenic Ruby or Pearl, and you can look forward to unearthing many of the continent’s best loved historical and cultural wonders.

From the Roman-age fortresses flanking the mighty Rhine to the beautiful banks of the Danube, expect the very best cultural attractions as you meander these ancient passageways aboard your selected Scenic Space-Ship.

Scenic Ruby and Pearl traverse the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers throughout the year, so you can experience these enchanting regions in spring, summer, autumn or winter. And with each season unlocking new experiences and aspects, choosing which time of year to travel could be more difficult than you think.

No matter what time of year you choose to travel aboard Scenic Ruby or Pearl, you’ll benefit from daily port visits, giving you ample time to explore each of the wonderful destinations included on your individual cruise itinerary. And remember, our all-inclusive, luxury service spans our entire fleet of Space-Ships — so you’ll always receive the very best experience, wherever and whenever you travel.


Cruise Calendars

To keep up to speed on where your favourite Scenic Space-Ship is, and where it’s travelling to next, we’ve provided complete scheduling information for Scenic Ruby and Pearl — so you can track your ship’s progress and better plan your next trip on these fabled waterways.