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Scenic Enrich in France

Discover the sophisticated culture France has to offer

Our signature Enrich encounters give you the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the authentic culture of France in each wonderful location.

Exclusively available to Scenic guests, our Enrich experiences include gala dinners amid sites of immense historical significance, classical music performances in prestigious concert venues, and fabulous evening entertainment that exudes all the joie de vivre of this incredible nation.

Find out more about our all new Enrich encounters on the rivers of France below. 


Discover the history and beauty of one of Europe’s most prestigious 14th-century gothic buildings with an unforgettable classical concert at the Palais-des-Papes.

Once closed to the public, we offer you the unique opportunity to go behind the scenes at the Palais-des-Papes, one of France’s oldest and most-visited national monuments, for an evening of classical music performances.

Enjoy the works of Mozart, Strauss, Vivaldi and Beethoven in the palace’s illustrious Grand Tinel Room, which once served as the seat of western Christianity. With its awe-inspiring domed roof and ancient stonework, the palace makes a truly majestic setting for a virtuoso classical music performance.   

enrich france scenic

Benedictine Palace

scenic enrich

Amid the pastoral beauty of the Normandy countryside lies the Benedictine Palace, a gothic building famed for its herb-infused liqueurs, first brewed by monks in the 16th century.

With its extraordinary renaissance-inspired architecture, the Benedictine Palace is the perfect place for an exclusive Enrich dining experience. Savour the culinary delicacies of Northern France amid the beauty of the palace’s Abbot’s Hall, whilst enjoying a live classical concert performed by some of the region’s most reputable musicians. A truly unique and immersive encounter, and one that promises more than a hint of nostalgia.

Scenic Rouge

Since the pomp and opulence of the Belle Époque swept across Europe, France has enjoyed an enduring love affair with cabaret. And now, as part of our Enrich offering, we’re giving you the opportunity to enjoy an evening of fabulous entertainment at an authentic French cabaret performance.

You’ll head to the Big Top in Lyon on the banks of the Rhône for an evening of spectacular entertainment in the form of Scenic Rouge, which is exclusively available to Scenic guests travelling in the South of France. With all the fun and frolics of a real French cabaret, this promises to be an experience you’ll never forget.

enrich scenic france

enrich scenic france

France River Cruises

France River Cruises

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