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Scenic River Cruises in Portugal

Portuguese Douro river cruises

The dramatic landscape that follows the gentle Douro from Porto to Vega de Terron sets the scene for a sun-drenched river cruise holiday of show-stopping natural beauty. The Douro River is a place intrinsically connected to the production of wine and some of the world’s finest produce comes from this beguiling region of rural bliss. Embark on a voyage down the Golden River Valley and you’ll encounter unique cities, prehistoric wonders and cosy quintas hidden in pockets of paradise that litter these fertile lands.

Only 98 guests will get to experience our Douro River cruise holidays at any one time, thanks to one of our most intimate and luxurious ‘Space-Ships’, the Scenic Azure. With an almost 1:2 staff-to-guest ratio, vitality pool on the panoramic Sun Deck and captivating itineraries that guide you through the region’s riches, you’ll find it easy to explore and indulge on this ground-breaking vessel.


Portugal river cruising


New for 2016, watch our insightful video and find out more about cruising the Douro with Scenic.

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Only the spectacular ever-changing scenery reminds you that you're on a ship, and not in a five-star hotel.

The Douro River

The Douro is one of the major rivers flowing through the Iberian Peninsula. This sun-kissed waterway starts its journey in northern-central Spain before passing through mainland Portugal to its final outlet in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Porto.