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Scenic River Cruises in Russia

Destination: Russia

Russia is a remarkable country full of historic cities, idyllic countryside and cultural riches. A river cruise holiday through this gargantuan land is the best way to take in the vast sights. The lucky 112 guests aboard the intimate Scenic Tsar enjoy a fully-inclusive experience that combines on-board luxury, impeccable dining and spellbinding excursions which take you into the opulent heartland of the world’s largest country.

Shrouded in mystery for decades, Russia has always closely guarded its secrets. Today, this amazing country has opened its doors to reveal the splendour of its hidden treasures; world-famous arts and ballet, grand and imposing architecture. Join us as we embark on an incredible journey and unveil the previously hidden jewels of this intriguing land.

Explore Russia by River

Cruising between St. Petersburg and Moscow, two of Russia’s most iconic cities, is a truly evocative experience that never fails to stir the senses. From the broad and tranquil slow-flowing waterway of the Neva River, to the imposing granite embankments of St. Petersburg, each voyage begins amid remarkable surroundings that merely hint at the spectacular sights to be explored.

Journey Across Epic Lands

The journey towards Russia’s mightiest city, Moscow, takes in some of the region’s most famous sites. Tours to the Kirillo-Belozersky monastery and the magnificent wooden architecture of Kizhi Island offer an authentic glimpse into Russia’s past. The most famous wooden structure on Kizhi Island, Kizhi Pogost, dates back to the 17th century and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Our expert Journey Designers are passionate about crafting enthralling discovery and exploration experiences for our itineraries. At each and every destination on the voyage, guests can choose from a collection of inclusive Enrich and Freechoice excursions, each selected to provide extraordinary insight into Russia’s enigmatic culture and heritage.

Discover our collection of luxury Russian river cruises below.



River cruising in Russia


Embark on an incredible journey to discover the hidden jewels of the largest country in the world, Russia. Inaccessible for decades after World War II, many of Russia’s previously hidden treasures are now on show and with Scenic you will have the chance to visit some of its most famous sites in five-star luxury.

Russia Map

Russian cruising map


The rich cultural secrets of Europe’s eastern marches are revealed along the banks of the Russian Volga and Neva rivers, the serenely beautiful Lake Lagoda, and the vital grand canals that connect the legendary imperial decadence of St. Petersburg with Moscow’s historical splendour.