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Douro river cruises

New for 2016

Flowing through Northern Portugal from Spain, the Douro River cuts a dramatic swathe through the Douro Valley, traversing a spectacularly beautiful and flourishing region. Marvel at postcard-perfect landscapes, delight in local culinary specialties, savour port and wine tastings, and gain a fascinating insight into a region so spectacularly preserved during a river cruise on the Douro.

Embark on a voyage across the breadth of the country, from the second largest city Porto to Vega de Terron, and uncover a sun-drenched treasure with a deep rooted culinary connection to the land and water which gives its people life. Experience all of this while on board your luxury Space-Ship, and relax with the fantastic facilities and comfortable accommodation, before exploring each port of call.

Ports of Call on the Douro

Cruise this serene waterway with Scenic, and you’ll enjoy port calls in many of the valley’s most esteemed visitor spots, from the ancient Spanish city of Salamanca to the time-forgotten village of Provesende, giving ample time to immerse yourself fully in the unique spirit of the region. And naturally, no waterborne cruise on the Douro could bypass Porto, the undisputed queen of this beautiful waterway.  

Portugal’s enriching culture

Each day of your journey, you’ll be given a choice of all-inclusive excursions, helping you explore and discover all the wonders of the Douro. Take a guided tour of iconic Mateus Palace, visit the award-winning Coa Valley Museum, or enjoy a decadent fine dining experience at Porto’s wonderful Burmester Cellars. These are just some of the unique experiences you can look forward to on your luxury Douro river cruise. 

Douro River Cruises

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