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Irrawaddy river cruising

on the 'Road to Mandalay'

The Irrawaddy flows from north to south through Myanmar (Burma) for 2,170 kilometres. Known all over the world as the ‘Road to Mandalay’, this mystical waterway opens the doors to hidden villages, ancient cities and time-honoured cultures. Cruising these majestic waters is the perfect way to see life through the eyes of a local.

Major political and social changes in Myanmar have bought a new wave of travellers to the land, each one eager to unearth the previously guarded secrets of this most unique nation. Cruising the waters of the Irrawaddy is the ideal way to embark on a voyage of discovery through this beautiful country, providing you with access to otherwise hard to navigate regions. You’ll soon discover why Rudyard Kipling once described Myanmar as, ‘unlike any other place you know.’

Our Irrawaddy river cruises take place on board our brand new, custom-built 5-star ship, Scenic Aura. This vessel is by far the most luxurious and spacious ship navigating the Irrawaddy and offers guests the opportunity to discover and explore the true heart of Myanmar and the traditions its people cherish.

Navigating the Irrawaddy on board the Scenic Aura is a truly magical experience. The 213-foot vessel accommodates 44 passengers in a range of 22 luxury suites, and has been specially designed to accommodate guests eager to explore the region in a grand style.

Our Irrawaddy river cruises have been carefully crafted by our Journey Designers to ensure our guests are exposed to a range of unique experiences and excursions. Highlights on this 16-day journey from Yangon to Mandalay include sundowners at U-Bein Bridge, a visit to the oldest golf course in Myanmar and the opportunity to explore the former capital of the Ava Kingdom by horse and cart.


Discover the Irrawaddy with Scenic


Discover the Irrawaddy with Scenic


Find out about the wonders of the Irrawaddy and South East Asia, as well as Scenic's all-inclusive luxury river cruises.