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Rhone river cruises

Discover the South of France’s iconic waterway with Scenic
The Rhône cuts a course from central France to the mouth of the Mediterranean, past fragrant lavender fields and plentiful vineyards, idyllic villages and ancient Roman ruins. Every so often, this pastoral beauty is punctuated by the emergence of an age-old city, from France’s foodie capital, Lyon, to the World Heritage-listed Avignon — lending culture, history and endless cafés to the Rhône’s long list of attributes.
Scenic are the gatekeepers of cultural enrichment on the waters of the Rhône, providing unforgettable lifetime events inaccessible to the ordinary traveller. From exclusive cellar door encounters in the iconic Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine region, to a virtuoso private concert of Strauss, Vivaldi and Beethoven within the ancient, storied walls of the Palais des Papes; our Rhône river cruises grant you the opportunity to discover the wonders of southern France like never before. And of course, all of our Rhône River itineraries are complemented by our exceptional service and all-inclusive offering, so you can explore the wonders of this majestic French waterway in absolute luxury and comfort.
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Iconic French Destinations

Beaujolais and Burgundy, Vienne and Avignon, Lyon and Tarascon; these are but a few of the iconic destinations you can visit during your time on the waters of the Rhône, each as unique and enchanting as the last. As the Rhône makes steady progress towards the Mediterranean, its banks reveal a land of outstanding contrast, where world-renowned cities are bordered by some of Provence’s most esteemed beauty spots, giving you a wealth of cultural highlights to explore.

Your journey begins in the charming town of Chalon-sur-Saône and on to heart of the ‘Golden Stone’ region of Beaujolais, where you can enjoy an exclusive wine tasting. Lyon is the next stop on your itinerary, and you’ll discover just why the city is heralded as the gourmet capital of the world. 

From there, you’ll journey steadily south, calling at Vienne, Tournon and Viviers before arriving in Avignon, home to the wonderful Palais des Papes. Tarascon is the last call on your itinerary, and the perfect place to soak up the Rhône’s vibrant Roman-age heritage.

New for 2017 — A French River Cruise to Remember

Join us for a luxury Rhône River cruise in 2017, and enjoy the many perks of our signature 5-star service. Our French Space-Ships are the most spacious and innovative on the continent, elevating the luxury experience to a level not yet seen on the waters of the Rhône.

We’ve opened up public spaces and added new innovative features, so we’re confident you’ll be impressed by the exceptional comfort and attention to detail offered by your Scenic Space-Ship. To help you make better use of the Rhône’s warm, semi-Mediterranean climate, we’ve added a Vitality Pool to the Sun Deck of all of our French river ships, so you can enjoy a soothing dip as the timeless landscapes of Provence pass you by. 

One of the most exciting new additions to our French Space-Ships is Scenic Culinaire, an innovative cookery experience which lets you try your hand at perfecting classic French flavours with the guidance of our expert chefs. In specific destinations on the Rhône, you’ll have the opportunity to shop for local ingredients, before returning to the private cooking emporium to whip up a regional delicacy.

Our Rhone River Cruises

2017 France Cruises

2017 Spring Sale

Rhine Highlights

8 days
Basel > Amsterdam
Journey from the majestic Alps of Switzerland all the way to the famous and romantic canals of Amsterdam on this 8 day tour and cruise along the Rhine.
from £3,170 £2,420
2017 Spring Sale

Idyllic Rhone

8 days
Lyon > Marseille
Be enchanted on this 8 day cruise along the Rhone river from Chalon-sur-Saone to Tarascon. Explore the very best of France, including Lyon, Vienne & Avignon.
from £3,520 £3,270

Idyllic Rhône

8 days
Chalon-sur-Saone > Tarascon
Enjoy 8 days of visual delight on this elegant experience throughout Burgundy and the Riviera. Try life the French way from Chalon-sur-Saone to Tarascon.
from £3,520
2017 Spring Sale

Bordeaux Affair

8 days
Bordeaux > Bordeaux
Learn wine tasting in one of the traditional vineyards or visit an authentic local food market on this 8 day cruise through the magical Bordeaux region.
from £3,645 £2,645
2017 Spring Sale

Romantic Rhine & Moselle

15 days
Basel > Amsterdam
The romance of Europe is alive and well on this 15 day cruise from Basel to Amsterdam exploring the beautiful Rhine and Moselle Rivers.
from £3,940 £2,940
Bordeaux Stay Pay

Beautiful Bordeaux

11 days
Bordeaux > Bordeaux
Learn how to taste wine from a sommelier during the visits to the wineries and vineyards on this romantic 11 day cruise through the Bordeaux region.
from £4,245 £2,645