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We are not about rushing you from one place to the next. Scenic honours the beauty of time. We want you to take the scenic route. To wend slowly and appreciate what's around you; the smells, sounds and views that you get when you take the back roads.

– Tracing the intricate pattern of Europe's waterways, floating past picture postcard scenery and stopping at historic towns and villages to experience once in a lifetime moments. This is more than a river cruise, this is a journey you'll never forget.°

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"Take the ever-changing environment, the images of medieval France, the hugely informative trips to wineries, castles, towns and villages and some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe, and you have an unforgettable holiday. And, if you love wine, there is no more to be said"
Robert Powell 72
46.2276° N, 2.2137° E


Leave your wallet at home

Once in a Lifetime Events

Once in a Lifetime Events

These once-in-a-lifetime events and spectacular experiences have been handpicked and created for your exclusive pleasure. Enjoy private classical concerts in opulent palaces and immersive, multi-sensory moments that add a deeper, more fulfilling dimension to your river cruise.

Experience Enrich

Freedom & Flexibility

Freedom & Flexibility

We give you the freedom to choose from a vast range of sightseeing experiences and activities, so you only see what you want to see and do what you want to do. Whether you’re unearthing local cultures, delving into regional history or sampling the cuisine of your destination for the day, you’ll soon find that Scenic Freechoice offers something for everyone.

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Our exclusive Tailormade GPS guided touring devices and electrically-assisted bicycles mean you can explore even further afield on a Scenic river cruise. Whether it’s culture, architecture, art or simply heading off the beaten track for a few hours, our unique Tailormade program is available for independent touring in over 140 locations.

Experience Tailor-made



We know it’s the personal touches that make your cruise special – and so do our butlers. From a nightly turndown to a laundry concierge service included for all of our guests, your personal butler is here to make your time on the water extra special.

If there’s anything they can do to help, never hesitate to ask.

Experience a Butler



Luxury-focused innovation and guest-centric design has made Scenic a leader in European river cruising. Our state-of-the-art Space-Ships boast the largest suites on the water and a favourable staff-to-guest ratio of 1:3 alongside a wide range of first-class amenities.

There’s no better way to explore Europe than in the 5-star comfort of your very own floating hotel.

Experience Space-Ships

Dining & Beverages

Dining & Beverages

An eclectic array of on board dining options mean there’s a cuisine and setting to suit all occasions and tastes. And with unlimited complimentary premium branded beverages throughout your cruise, we ensure that your glass stays as full as your plate from the moment you arrive on board to the second you depart for home.

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From a Standard Suite to our show-stopping Royal Panorama Suites, our cabins set an unprecedented benchmark for luxury and indulgence on Europe’s rivers.

Experience a unique combination of opulence and innovation that resonates from your flat screen TV and infotainment system all the way to our revolutionary Scenic Sun Lounges, an all-weather balcony system that lets you enjoy the endless views at any time of day.

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Flexible Travel

Flexible Travel

Enjoy complete peace of mind when you journey with Scenic, because all of your travel is included in the price of your holiday. Complimentary no fly options, flexible flights with a range of airlines from a selection of UK airports and all internal transfers have all been taken care of.

Experience Flexible Travel

Handcrafted by Scenic

Marble artisans: Francesca Marcolini

Verona, Italy

A family name synonymous with the art of sculpting marble, Francesca Marcolini is the latest generation in a family of traditional stonemasons and artists crafting unique pieces for our Space-Ships.
Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours



and the freedom to explore


Designed to redefine luxury river cruising, with innovative new technology, your Scenic Space-Ship will be your gracious floating hotel as you cruise the world's waterways.

Intimate and friendly, with every amenity you could wish for, our Scenic Space-Ships were designed with you in mind. From the moment you step on board you’ll be spoilt for choice. From our wide selection of dining options right down to your pillow menu, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in all-inclusive luxury, every moment of the day.

Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours



Sail the great rivers of the world: only the spectacular ever-changing scenery reminds you that you're on a ship, and not in a five-star hotel.

River cruising

Rivers have been used for transporting people and goods for thousands of years, that’s why there’s so much history and culture surrounding them. A river cruise holiday down any one of the world’s waterways can be an inspiring way to explore the nearby cities, towns, villages and never-ending scenery. Sit back and let the sights come to you, the rest is taken care of.

European river cruising

Experience the timeless elegance, diverse cultures and fairy-tale landscapes of Europe along the Rhine, Moselle and Danube rivers. Embark on a journey through the ages and uncover everything from Roman ruins to contemporary cities while basking in the luxury of your own floating hotel.

French river cruising

From the wine region of Burgundy where the Saône and Rhône rivers cut a beguiling path, to the Garonne and Dordogne in the heart of Bordeaux and the famous Seine in Northern France; the waterways of France are intertwined with history, gastronomy, culture and art.

Portugal river cruising

The city of Porto stands at the mouth of Portugal’s Douro River. It’s the first of many UNESCO World Heritage Sites that nestles the sun-drenched waterway across the breadth of the country to the border of Spain. Foodies and wine lovers are in for a treat when sailing the Golden Valley.

Asian river cruising

Explore a tapestry of culture and colour as you sail the mighty Mekong River through enchanting Southeast Asia. Visit Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos and indulge in the pleasures of our 34-One bedroom Suit Scenic Spirit ship – the most spacious vessel on these spirited waters.

Russian river cruising

A river cruise is the perfect way to explore Russia’s grand cities and vast countryside. A raised glass of vodka ensures a warm welcome, whether you’re deep in the heart of St. Petersburg or bound for the 'Golden Ring of Cities' where a rich patchwork of history is waiting to be uncovered.

Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours


Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours
“As I walked the pathway, I couldn’t quite believe thatwe were still in Croatia. The gentle stream was the only thing moving in this tropical hideaway, which felt more like a secret of the South Pacific than a European national park.”
Andrew 62
N 44° 51’ E 15° 34’
Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours


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